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for Just a Human

8/7/2016 c2 12Enjali
Pff, "just" a human? I'm sorry, Ichigo lost the rights to call himself that a long time ago. This is a good story so far; keep up the good work. -
8/7/2016 c2 Bubble MaKeRr
Oooh~ this fix looks like it's gonna be a fun one Nyaa~
8/24/2015 c1 Random Reviewer
I don't know if this can count as flames since I'm going to give some heads up about the chapter. You need to fix the massive spelling mistakes that quite literally invading your entire first chapter.

Next, you need to work on your plot. It was good a one. I can admit that. But, the problem lies on the character development.

I mean, a child in Ichigo's age won't just interact with the voices in his head without having a mental breakdown after seeing his mother died before his very eyes. So, that was just too rush for a plot.

And by the way, after finish reading Ichigo's characterization for this story, it is safe to say that Ichigo is going to be an overpowered character.

The part where you mention he's not going to be on par with Aizen is going to be a momentary stuff. And in just several training sequence, I'm betting ten dollars that he's going straight to OP mode.

So, my advice, please revise back your plot and check any errors on the chapter before posting another one. But either way, it was a good read for me.
8/22/2015 c1 29BloodiedCoreOfHope
uh... I like this story, and where your going with it but... get a beta. seriously. I'd be willing, and this story IS epic. please continue but either get a beta or get better english. your grammar is horrid, no offense.
8/17/2015 c1 Thalia
EPIC! Can't wait to read more!
8/16/2015 c1 Guest
don't you mean cliffhanger
8/15/2015 c1 Guest
Seems interesting :) though i dislike the format a bit, this story is goooood! Please update soon :)
8/16/2015 c1 hardoraku
Can't wait for the next update
8/16/2015 c1 miko-kunlol12

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