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6/4/2016 c23 2drcomlfoy
This story was really well written for the most part! Although there was a few grammatical errors and spelling errors. It did get a little confusing a few times, but eventually worked its self out to were it was as confusing. Thanks for writting this story!
2/20/2016 c22 Guest
This is honestly the most well written rollo/gisla story I've read, well done. Although, I am somewhat curious of how things would be if gisla married bjorn instead of rollo.
2/4/2016 c5 Guest
So far pretty good.
12/9/2015 c23 Kqbxiwnsl
I'm so sad that this story is over, I loved it! :)
I agree with you, Clive is Rollo. I think he totally owns the role.

Is there any chance that you might write more about Rollo and Gisla?
I really like the way you wrote their interactions. The part where you described how she likes to nozzle her head against his chest, killed me! I do that to my significant other all the time.
And the birth scene, was so powerful, so very well written, I almost cried while reading it.
11/8/2015 c23 Guest
I believe someone has done the comparisons and Tyr is Jupiter. His real name was Zeus Pater. Say it fast Juipter and Zeus pater. (Zeus father) See the Ter is Tyr. Odin is likely Hades or Poseidon. I vote for Poseidon. See it looks like Odin. Now I find this very interesting. The Philistines or Canaanites inhabited the middle east. The sea peoples or so they were called. They worshiped a water god. The Frankish royal family was said to be from the quinotaur which is like the myth of Europa and Zeus. Europa was a Philistines/Phoenician. Now if you read in the Bible the Philistines captured the Ark of the Covenant, and put it in Dagan's temple. The Ark caused Dagan to fall down. The Ark caused havok and destruction so the Philistines sent it back. The Ark also messes with water. When the Isrealites carry the Ark across the Jordan the water dries up. The Glory of God (the Sheikinah rests on the Ark as a pilar of fire) The Ark makes the walls fall down. Now if you see the Ragnar funeral procession, he is in something like an Ark and pops out as Odin and kills the priest. He has no power to make the walls of Paris fall down. Now there are two famous Nazirites. Sampson and Samuel. Samuel was born because the Ark cured his mother's infertility. Nazirites cut their hair and serve in the temple before the Ark. In Christian iconography the Ark is St. Mary the mother of Jesus. The Templars carried her into battle just like the Israelites carried the Ark... Watch Gisla she looks very Ark like. The banner of St. Denis is the pilar of fire.
11/8/2015 c21 Guest
Is Charles weak? Well everyone says it and he does live under a big shadow called Charlemagne, but is it really true? Charles is very clever. There's more than one way to fight and win. We know he did win didn't he? The Romans ceded Toxandria to the Franks. That was how they rose to power. The Romans were very clever, because the Franks became more Roman than the Roman themselves. And so it is with the Normans they became more English than the English, more French than the French and more Italian than the Italians, and more Spanish than the Spanish. If you look in the different DNA projects. Juan Ponce De Leone was a Norman family that went to Spain to fight in the reconquest. His Original male line progenitor was a lots of popes/templar knights/saints are Rollo descendants. So they became more Christian than the Christians... So tell me again how Charles was weak.
11/8/2015 c22 Guest
As you know Rollo had two children, William and Gerloc/Adelaid. I believe that the first boy had a Viking name too, and the reason nobody remembers it is because he was named after his father, Rolv. I have a friend and his name is Robert and his son is called James. Son was really named Robert but James was middle name. Everyone calls boy Rory to tell them apart. Nobody even remembers his real name is Robert. Excellent story telling and may well play out this way. Ha maybe Rollo is Loki the shapshifter's kid.
11/8/2015 c22 renata.deoliveirasena
I'm crying a lot. Your fanfic is so wonderful. I'm dazzled with it. The way you mix the show, religion, romance, drama... All this feelings beyond time an cultures. I'm really appreciate the Lagertha's thoughts, she is a wonderful woman and not a murderer of babies.
I'm in front of a paradigm. I'm writing a fanfic and I have the idea of putting this map that leads to the sea without waves as a resolution to the conflict. Now I don't know what to do, without sounding an appropriation of your fic. Anyway, I wish thank you for the moments you make me laugh, cry, cheer, ultimately feel a lot. Is a rare thing in a story, and you get it. You have done very well and I'm grateful beyond words for being your reader. By the way, this review I can't publish in the end, but belongs to there.
11/8/2015 c23 renata.deoliveirasena
I'm crying a lot. Your fanfic is so wonderful. I'm dazzled with it. The way you mix the show, religion
11/8/2015 c21 132Artemis1000
Oh no Lagertha don't! And just when luck seemed to finally be shining on our little family... I'm so worried for the baby! Really hoping now that it's a girl, for maybe she won't see the need to kill a girl.
10/30/2015 c10 Guest
Your story is really good, I like it a lot.
As a side note, when you started talking about the Holy Breasts and Blessed milk in this chapter, I just lost it and started laughing; I've been in Catholic school since Nursery school (currently in high school) and not one of my teachers has ever said anything like that. But you are right, and the absurdness of the whole thing being said tickled my funny bone
10/28/2015 c20 Guest
Very nice. I liked this a lot. The showed a lot of naval battles coming up season 4. I don't know but I picture Gisla being pregnant and conducting the naval battle from the deck of a ship. She probably will do that because she has no Hirst loves parallels and I see a parallel with Porunn, she went to battle when pregnant.. I think he's playing the ARk of the covenant imagery for her, and Our Lady of Guadalupe(the Ark) was at the battle of Lepanto. I also suspect there's going to be a parallel with Judith and Aslaug. It could all very well play out just as you described here. Although, I do think there would be at least one midwife that works for the doctor. Or the doctor just says to hell with it and discards convention and delivers the baby. They probably did it all the time when nobody was looking. Afterall, doctors have seen it all even in those days.
10/28/2015 c19 Skyline
I'm glad to see an update on this story and I really like what you did in this chapter! :)
Ever since Rollo went to the Seer in season 3, I always wondered why he said that Ragnar was chosen over him not only by Lagertha, but also by their parents. Was it really that his parents chose Ragnar over him? Or was it all in his head? To me, Rollo is like Fenrir; Fenrir was bound with things which don't exist, things that he couldn't struggle against. Rollo was bound with his jealousy over Ragnar, bound with something he could not fight. Anyway, whatever was the case, that he was really mistreated by their parents or that he felt mistreated, that indicates that he doesn't come from a loving family environment.
I think it's accurate to show their mother being mistreated by their father. That might explain why both Rollo and Ragnar treated women poorly (although I hope that Rollo has learned the lesson, and he would treat Gisla nicely).
I like your writing and I hope to read more from you after this story is finished.
10/26/2015 c19 Skyline
I'm so glad to see that you have updated the story! :)

After Rollo goes to the Seer in season 3, I always wonderer why he said that Ragnar was chosen over him not only by Lagertha, but also chosen over him by their parents. That seems to indicate that he did not have a loving relationship with his family, that somehow he was mistreated by their parents.
I really like what you wrote for this chapter. I think that your point of view of the environment in which they grew up is very accurate and it helps to understand why both Ragnar and Rollo treat women poorly, it's what they grew up with.

I am really excited about next chapter! The little prince is almost here!
10/27/2015 c20 renata.deoliveirasena
Poor Gisla! It's no allowed scream when the such pain. Rollo lost, without references about what is expected from him, but doing the job so well. Call your people father of the prince! No more protocols, let the she-wolf doing this in the appropriate way, free of rules. William longsword is coming. Very welcome little warrior. Ragnar is coming too. For what? Fight with is son, against the Duke? I hope not. I prefer believe in a reconciliation between the original family. Thank you for the chapters.
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