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9/9/2018 c4 4Saberfan83
Nooooo! That can't be it! Please write more! It can't end like this.
4/10/2018 c4 2eclipseraider
Fucking excellent. Thank you.
1/10/2018 c4 112Kahli Hime
8/16/2016 c1 9The Demon's Reflection
Is this supposed to be a prequel to the comics? Because it oddly fits whether it was intentional or not.

Also, I meant to post this review for the last chapter, but it doesn't allow multiple reviews per chapter.
2/23/2016 c4 S.S SamLara
Where's my torch? Because it's really fucking dark in here.
1/29/2016 c4 57electric gurrl
This was frighteningly realistic. I loved it. The one thing I didn't quite like was the use of 'the American girl' and 'the English girl' because their names always would've sufficed in the situations. But the prose was lovely and the story was both pretty and disturbing. Really well done.
12/2/2015 c4 twilightmoon777
sooooo good. you are a fantastic writer. what an emotionally charged journey. and that ending my god. I knew I shouldn't have read this before bedtime.
9/24/2015 c4 17deadpoolhulk
love this story. you're damn good at writing Lara.
9/20/2015 c4 4CloudedWater
There is gonna be another part right? *looks at status* FUUU.. There just has to be more! This ended on such a cliff hanger. I hope that you continue this in another part. My poor babies are in such pain! ;~; anyway incredible work. you write this pairing so well!
9/18/2015 c1 24ObsessedwReading
Terrific chapter and fanfiction
9/14/2015 c4 Angry Cookie
Oh wow that was intense! And a hundred times more fitting than whatever the comics did to bridge the two games. Very well written, as is all your work, really. We get sucked in, craving for more, then you end it but we are still hungry. I'm glad you are still writing for the fandom, and I hope you will grace us with something else soon. I really loved this, how you built up the tension in the second half of the last chapter, truly well executed.
9/14/2015 c4 10HeidiW
Ho. Lee. Crap.

This was a horrifically painful read.

But I mean that in a good way, oddly enough.

Poor Lara just can never catch a break, can she? The girl has the worst timing in the Universe. Once she finally works up the courage to spill her heart out to Sam she gets preempted by a generic shagfest with a random dude, and the opportunity passes.

Lara's statement to Jonah that Sam was starting "to do well" is even more poignant after reading that final act - I really, really hope that won't come to pass in canon, but am equally fearful that is just might, or something akin to it. Himiko would rip the heart from Lara's chest and I fear nothing could ever repair the damage.

I don't know if I could ever do that to Lara in a fic, which is why I'm always so amazed by yours - you have the guts to push Lara down that road, as painful as it is. All the physical brutality she suffered in your other wonderful stories couldn't hold a candle to the pain of her losing Sam, and that scares the bejeesus out of me. She might live through such a loss, but her soul would be forever desolate.

And seriously...your interpretation of getting into Himiko's mind just creeps the s**t out of me - wow!

9/14/2015 c4 9The Demon's Reflection
Jesus...you really know how to take what's already there and turn it into more of a kick in the teeth than it already is...So this isn't connected to Easier to Run...are you doing another? Because I don't know if I can deal with another heart stomping. Also are you continuing the "Succubus" story line from "Sometimes it's just like that"?
8/28/2015 c3 Trigger Fingers
The did-they-didn't-they anxiety had me gripping my phone screen so hard, I'm lucky the screen didn't fracture.

I'm pretty enamoured with this story since it focuses on these two pushing the boundaries of their friendship in this manner. I've never contemplated Sam and Lara quite in this situation, so I'm glad you've approached this.

Lara seemed to cycle through lots of uncertain emotions before placing her trust in Sam's confidence in this special arrangement.

That being said, I know you mapped this out as a 3 parter but I wouldn't complain if you installed one more chapter. I just can't help but to wonder how this will affect Sam and Lara's relationship in the long run. Is Sam right in believing it would be cathartic for them both, or would Lara's worries about "shitting where you eat" be valid? I'd love to see your interpretation.

Plus, I wanna hear what Sam's rules are :P
8/27/2015 c3 10HeidiW
Another lovely chapter from the Queen of Analogy ;)

If they wanted to go down the Sam/Lara route canonically this would definitely be a viable way to do it; Lara's still trying to come to grips with a potentially altered relationship with her best friend, and I love how you make her struggle within herself to explore her own feelings, oscillating between disbelief, curiosity and acceptance and back again.

Sam, curiously, is harder to read - sometimes it seems as though she views the physicality of her relationship with Lara as a crutch, while sometimes it seems as though it has a deeper meaning for her. I don't know if the story continues beyond this - I know you said 3 chapters and it can end with Lara's seeming acceptance, but you can sense the fragility of their relationship at that moment. They're standing on that razor's edge between platonic and romantic love - which way will they go?

Well - guess you know my preference lol

I really needed this after yesterday - I get the feeling we won't be seeing much Sam/Lara interaction until the trilogy's last installment. But in the meantime, your lovely works more than make up for it :)
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