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for The Chronicles of Zoor

6/16/2017 c12 Guest
im a mushroom and spores sometimes evacuate my body in waves, dont breathe that shit in or your lungs are gonna be so preggers you'll look like you got boobs
11/15/2015 c17 12Lord Joyde The Madman
Aww, I feel for you dude!

And saying things you didn't mean to?! I'm rubbing off on you aren't I!

8/29/2015 c11 Lord Joyde The Madman
So where's the Alpha Human?
8/28/2015 c10 Lord Joyde The Madman
Why bring humans into this? Lulz.
8/28/2015 c2 Lord Joyde The Madman
8/27/2015 c10 Doctor Psychosis
yeah, never really understood why they didn't make sol a super giant star with super giant planets, walking around on earth would of been alot more badass if they did.. heh.. btw, i never asked what star are you on?
8/21/2015 c7 Doctor Psychosis
meh, between you and me i would of gotten the sucker thing asap, or at least put both mouths on (i managed it so it looked like one big jaw with tentacle looking tongues. allowed me to eat both plant and meat without having to go through the hour long(Seemingly) sucking meathod.
8/19/2015 c6 Doctor Psychosis
er, not getting the omnivore mouth is just gonna bite you in the end. its dead useful even if it does take up one of your slot for creature stage (unless your ignoring the creator in which i guess you'll unlock something similar enough eventually) also i must ask are you using the alpha aquatic level or straight to creature?
8/17/2015 c5 Doctor Psychosis
meh, would of been better to keep the middle flagella and changed two of those near the sides, spread the poison and balance the boost from the jet a bit until you get the fast turning.

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