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1/19 c14 Johanna Kesia Santos
lmao. i love this chapter
8/20/2020 c1 Guest
His parents have the seals too.
8/20/2020 c1 Guest
His parents have the seals too
8/20/2020 c1 Guest
The shinigami is a moron isn't he Naruto uzumaki needs his memories without his memories he has nothing he didn't have parents so you don't have a hart connection there his village hated his guts an tortured him all for sake of keeping the Kirby nine tailed fox from gaining any sort of power which is kind of really stupid a fox and Naruto or two separate things he didn't have any parents so in his early development faze he did not grow up that well and he had become an adult way early he couldn't socialize very well because the parents won't let their children play with fox demon Brat he had to prank to get any kind of attention better negative attentionwith no positive so he was trained to associate the fun of pranking as a coping mechanism combined with his uzumaki vitality thefox amplifying his energy and constant sugar rushes the seals that were put on Naruto to prevent him thinking and making decisions properly to dull his instinct all the shinigami had to do was putting our back in his body when he was younger before the fox was put in him ensure Naruto's parents alive put complicated uzumaki seals 30 levels higher than anyone has any right to understand to prevent being brainwashed and manipulated in anyway well besides each other but only if it wasn't an indirect by everyone else
6/24/2020 c14 1Mystic Moon Flower
Don't listen to the guest below it's not like he can create a better story than you can and whoever it is is probably a coward not even using their account.
5/16/2020 c11 Guest
Chapter eleven. With naruto sleeping with a man I’d say you get zero points for making a great story. People like you throw out good opportunities and. Shit on anyone who doesn’t agree with them. I’d say you have no potential of ever writing. A decent story if this is your idea of a main character. Think of the stories solo leveling, and tower of god. You can’t compare yourself to that anymore after this. It’s far too depressing to see people drowning in idiocy, much like how you are now.
5/2/2020 c14 NaRuKo-InuTaiSHo-XD
It is written very exciting. I look forward to how it goes on.
4/29/2020 c14 Sypho Dias
Damn dude! You gotta update this shit! It's an awesome story! Please update soon! Can't wait for the next chapter!
4/2/2020 c14 1Relina16
I like what you have going on here and really hope you continue the story.
12/24/2019 c14 ManticoreBlues
please continue
9/25/2019 c14 28GreenTea4062
Shipped Naruto and Madara too hard I started to...dislike Tobirama
9/1/2019 c14 Wika0304
please update, it's brilliant
7/4/2019 c14 Jad317
I really like this story, plz have more chapters I'd like to read more.
6/27/2019 c14 laurajustin
Great story! Can't wait for the next update!
3/30/2019 c14 Arisu003
Look at me, on a roll reading your stories.
Once Naruto regains her memories, do you think she’ll remember how the flying thunder god techinique works? I mean, it is the epitome of awesomeness, and the idea of using Tobi’s techniques without him knowing is funny to me.
The plot thickens, though. What, with the toads and Kurama involved, now.
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