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for Hatake Naruto, Kitsune no Konohagakure

2/26/2016 c1 NarutoGarra
Please update soon
1/10/2016 c2 1Mr. Nine
Update update update update update update update
12/7/2015 c2 kakakure
Great to see an update to this story. I the relationship with sasuke, I can't see them having such a close bond. Instead, more of acquaintances/friends, maybe even incorporate some hate at the beginning due to kakashi having the sharingan. Will we see more interaction with the anbu? That is a very important part of kakashi's life and we could see more of Yamato, Itachi, and Yugao. Will we also see more of minato's bodyguards. Apparently Genma and RaiziSpeaking of, will naruto inherit some form of sharingan ability? It is something that has never been explored since kakashi might have done uchiha dna in him due to the eye. If not, then it doesn't matter. Back to the friendships, naruto should be better friends wit minato's and kushina's daughter. It was a big sacrifice on kakashi's and kurenai's part. We now need to see kurenai's pov. We already saw kakashi and naruto, so now she is needed. We also need to see what happened with the village after the kyubii attack. I feel that is a very important aspect to this story. Also, please don't make naruto over powered. Never liked those stories. As for the meeting with samui, try holding it off for now. It's too early in the sorry to put her in.
12/9/2015 c2 dashundra89
I love the thought of Kakashi having a wife and son...especially a biological son. I love this story so far. Kakashi/ Naruto father and son love it.
11/23/2015 c2 Guest
11/19/2015 c2 Guest
Well this is a good chapter keep up the good work looking forward to the next chapter.
11/20/2015 c2 frankieu
interesting start of the story will be fun to see where it will lead to and what changes to cannon there will be
11/20/2015 c2 4alucard77
excellent story this great continues as you go.
11/20/2015 c2 1CreedRazerReaper
nice story, and nice pairings kakakure and narusamui. cant wait for more
11/19/2015 c2 1Galndrael
Very good story. Only thing I would suggest changing is dimensions. Acre is a unit of measurement for area not distance. It is defined as the area of 1 chain (22 yards) by 1 furlong (220 yards). I would recommend you use meters or kilometers( probably kilometers I suggest 1.6 kilometers or about 1 mile). I look forward to reading more from this.
11/19/2015 c2 avidnarutofan
This was a nice chapter.

You described naruto's life early on and didn't just skip to the academy like many other authors.

It was nice to see how kakashi and kurenai got together since it isn't that common a pairing.

11/19/2015 c2 4anime-aquarion-fan
can't wait for the next chapter, maybe sasuke and naruto could have some sort of rivalry, it would be interesting if naruto had the same type of rivalry with lee luck kakashi and guy have
11/10/2015 c1 bankai777
Will Naruto meet Samui before the Chunin Exams start.
11/2/2015 c1 avidnarutofan
This was a nice chapter.

It was different in the way that naruto was not adopted by kakashi and kurenai like numerous stories on this site so it's a nice change.

The length of this chapter is superb for an introductory chapter. It's nice not to read a short first chapter.

Just to confirm, naruto has the entire kyuubi (yin and yang combined in one form)?

It's nice that minato and kushina survived. It's not often that it happens.

Will naruto have a lightning affinity, fire affinity and possibly a water affinity?

Is karin (daughter of minato and kushina) replacing karin (scientist of orochimaru) or is karin (scientist of orochimaru) the character she was in cannon?

As for pairings, perhaps naruto could be paired with ino or karin (daughter of minato and kushina)?

I really look forward to the next chapter. Please update soon.

10/15/2015 c1 Riac3
Sorry but I kind of forgot to mention skill idea's. I guess since he is Kakashi's and Kurenai's son that he could have a high genjutsu skill from Kurenai, maybe the chidori or raikiri and also Kakashi's white chakra so he could use that same tanto that he used as a kid. I forget the name of it. Random idea, a crazy one at that, but you could make it to were Naruto has dormant Uchiha blood from Kurenai's side of the family as it could be why her and her late father had red eyes. If you do that then when Naruto meets Kurama and is on somewhat of friendly terms with him, you could have Kurama strike a deal with Naruto to unlock his latent sharingan abilities by changing his DNA slightly, for whatever you decide on for Kurama's gain out of the deal. Speaking of which, you probably already decided on him taking Kurama's chakra eventually so maybe you could do a summoning contract instead of or in conjunction with it. Don't really know, but like I said earlier it's all your descision on how you want to procede. Okay, I think I covered everything this time. If not, well I guess you'll be getting another review from me, huh? See ya!
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