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for Forbidden Feathers

2/28 c8 2Princess of the Fae
Get well soon can't wait to read more of this story.
10/31/2021 c5 124Raven Silver Wolf
Damn I love that song
10/31/2021 c2 Raven Silver Wolf
"Why couldn't dad have pulled out," oh my fucking gods think I busted a freaking rib laughing that's something I'd say hehehe

"Keep it up and certain body parts will never rise again," Ouch, hahaha I'm dead. Butthurt Baxter lmfao
10/31/2021 c1 Raven Silver Wolf
Hehehe Dean the lovable sarcastic wise ass and Sam the brainy laid back one with a great sense of humor, Love Alex they need a sister to torture them hahaha

10/10/2021 c6 2Princess of the Fae
Thanks for letting me know.
9/1/2021 c5 Princess of the Fae
Hope she will be ok?
10/11/2019 c5 Riddicks-gurl1988
Can’t wait to see where you take this great concept, can’t wait to see what her origin is or what happens when Lucifer is let go how he reacts to her and if she accepts what she is to him
9/10/2019 c5 lilwicca1989
more chapters please
7/27/2019 c4 Enchantress03
Can't wait for more
12/27/2018 c1 Black Swan
Yus can't wait for more!
12/17/2015 c4 1xXallegedangelXx
Sounds good so far! Something I'd be happy to wait and read.
I'd give you some ideas but I'm not even half way through the seasons yet so I wouldn't be able to help much, unfortunately.
Can't wait for the next update.
- Angel. X

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