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for A Lover's Spat

2/4/2013 c1 jessi
Another great story!
7/11/2004 c1 25Angel LeeAnn
Well, I'm glad I stumbled up on this. After reading the first installment, I was desperate for more! This was just as amusing as the first!
8/15/2003 c1 6TheChosenOne3
LOL...again! The whole coffee thing was brilliant, a true stroke of genius! But I thought this was going to be a make-out/up story. Neither actually occured!
4/23/2003 c1 6AerinBrown
Poor Challenger! Very cute.
12/29/2002 c1 19Beckers
Oh, will those two people, who are obviously crazy about each other, EVER just give in?

This was so funny. Poor Challenger!
12/28/2002 c1 10Maartje
Cool! :D Totally loved this :D
12/27/2002 c1 10TLWROX
AWwww! *clutches fist to chest* A shout out to ME? *sob* That is SO sweet- thank you! (And, btw- that was SO not a making up/out fic! LOL!) It was funny as all heck- the train! AHHAHAHA! But come on- where's some M&R lovin? LOL! ;) Awesome, hilarious fic- thank you for it! Can't wait to read more from you. :) :) :)
12/27/2002 c1 8veggie5

You did another great job on this humourous fic! YAY! :D Keep up the good work...

now get back to your other fic! ;)
12/27/2002 c1 138A. Windsor
12/27/2002 c1 5MissMeggs
Great story!

I really enjoyed the first one and I love how the fight just keeps on going!

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