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for Being a Main Character Sucks Ass

9/20/2020 c22 7Amaterasu53
so so so awesome!
6/18/2020 c22 Bea Marie Montehermozo
Author-san eheheh when ate you gonna updated(?)
7/7/2019 c22 legendaryNOT
Is hats just going to stay with her from now on?
7/2/2019 c22 nagi92
That Naruto is completely WTF and I really love it! Your story is really really good, so thank you!
6/28/2019 c22 Guest
Bitch this is amazing, I honestly relate to naruto on a psychological level in this book so thanks for writing and shit
6/28/2019 c22 1BlueSeraphos
... I don’t know why but I keep getting Sakura ( darkpetal16’a rewritten version ) vibes...
6/28/2019 c22 2KarmaAladdin
oof this is hella holy
5/29/2019 c21 Nivellia Neil
Update please~
12/29/2018 c21 23kyekye
i had to go back a read the whole thing over again because it just wasn't enough i love this i wanna read more
11/22/2018 c21 Ini minnie maini moe
Is naru meeting gaara? I hope he's still cute hahaha
11/22/2018 c21 Shadow.nao
Awesome fic! Please update soon!
11/21/2018 c21 16Aeonmaster Aeroza
This is a really good Mary-Sue Story you done; despite the errors I saw in the current chapters for this.

I was thinking maybe adding other characters as just that, characters by your Naruto accidentally finding something and summoned random people into the world permanently they were close to death or something bad; with a few others being brought along (KH, One Piece, Duel Monster Cards made real, etc... As examples). Since I truly see that happening at some point and time. And I was thinking maybe a female on female relationship with your Naruto.

You should also add some more songs, but popular ones back then like “Bring me to Life” by Evanescence, to random cartoon movie songs to mess with her opponents and whatnot.

Anyways despite these suggestions, I hope for more soon and as is (With the grammar also counting as well), I would give this a 4.8/5 Fan Fic Stars (If I can truly rate as such).
7/7/2018 c19 Dragon of Yin and Yang
Great concept! Can’t wait to read the next chapter.
5/29/2018 c19 Floating Ash
I was EXTREMELY SAD when I ran out of chapters to read!
5/27/2018 c19 Mizuki Abyss
Update please, because I love it!
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