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for Being a Main Character Sucks Ass

2/14/2018 c9 2Dark Rose Charm
He be my favorite too! Awesome
2/14/2018 c8 Dark Rose Charm
Nice really nice
2/14/2018 c7 Dark Rose Charm
Whahahahaha! She is awesome kick ass girlfriend
2/14/2018 c6 Dark Rose Charm
Yeah they are always cute at that age
2/14/2018 c5 Dark Rose Charm
Wait what now?! This is totally different but yeah curious but since she can't married hinata can she married sasuke or gaara then or even neji then since he is a hyuga
2/14/2018 c4 Dark Rose Charm
I wonder when she will figure out she is Naruto female version?! Gonna suck that's for sure
2/14/2018 c3 Dark Rose Charm
Yeah totally love the story but make it a bit more longer too short
2/14/2018 c2 Dark Rose Charm
Whahahahaha! I love her already she is awesome
2/14/2018 c1 Dark Rose Charm
Hmmmm well I am curious how the story gonna be buy I hope she or he is a bit of a badass with some niceness as well with minato abilities that be awesome and the chains from kushina if the person is a girl but the same eye as nagato if the person is a boy
1/20/2018 c17 1BlueSeraphos
I love the craziness!
1/8/2018 c3 15AlunaGray
Aww. That's adorable. It's hilarious visualizing Kakashi humming to Pen Pineapple Apple Pen lmao.
10/16/2017 c17 Maxine

My phone messed up earlier

But oh well

That is not important

What matters is one thing

10/16/2017 c17 Maxine
Beg Madness isverything
6/29/2017 c17 DigimonLover09
Did she just accidentally perfect the Rasengan to make a milkshake?
...This story is beautiful.
6/16/2017 c17 Guest
Love it!
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