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for Being a Main Character Sucks Ass

3/20/2017 c10 DarkDust27
Aww Mini Hinata was adorable too bad we didn't see more of her in canon.
3/20/2017 c9 DarkDust27
I officially love Naho-sensei! Because he's encouraging Naruto's rebellious behavior! XD
3/18/2017 c8 naruita14
J'ai adoré.
Hilarant .
3/18/2017 c8 2AnimeLover229
I need more
3/18/2017 c8 32000kate
Hahaha, awww I'm sad that naru doesn't get to spend a lot of time with baby hinata. You're doing good at this story so far, but there isn't much plot. I still like it thoug
3/18/2017 c7 DarkDust27
She's such a troll and I love it! Update soon please. XD
3/18/2017 c6 DarkDust27
Their bromance (girlmance?) is a fun and cute read. Which of the rookie 9 will come into the story next? Sasuke? Shikamaru? Sakura? Ino?
3/18/2017 c5 DarkDust27
LoL I like how she just said "she's mine" this whole chapter was cute, if a little gruesome. :3
3/18/2017 c7 2AnimeLover229
more please I love it.
so funny (ha..ha..ha..)
3/18/2017 c6 AnimeLover229
I love it
I wish their were more chapters.
Also can you make super kick ass girl with FU attitude.
it will be funny when she will meet Konoha 11
BTW she saved Neji's father right?
3/18/2017 c5 AnimeLover229
wow... it was.. I don't know what to say: sad, scary that she is alone. I like the story don't get me wrong but I would like to see how she will take revenge on the morons that did it her
2/23/2017 c4 fiorella
I love it but its sooo short T.T
It was funny her first word, not so much the reason about it...(fuckin bitch)
I like that actitude of bitch please u dont know with who u are messing with XD
2/19/2017 c4 PureInsanity39
Lol you should have her start singing one of the songs while on a mission and her sensei start humming along
2/9/2017 c3 Dittori
I have patience I have a apple OOF PATIENCE!
1/28/2017 c3 fiorella
I read this fic and for now a have not a complain about it , in fact I love it
And its a shame u know, when I looked over your other histories and I found out that none are complete, soo I ask should I keep reading this fic and disappoint me when it became a other history without end?
Im not saying this to hurt you or be mean, beacuse I like how you write and your history, Im saying this to help you in the future in having betters reviews and happier readers that will feel that you are commitment with what you do.
I will keep reading this fic and review it because its good, maybe no every chapter becase some times I will not be able to, soo... hope to see u soon :)
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