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for Of Myths and Monsters

8/5 c21 Nami4Life
Another potentially great fic petered out to nothing. Ffs.
7/28 c21 2Wynterlace
This story is amazing, continue writing it.
6/14 c21 Mandapandaa
A couple years later and i had to reread this! I hope one day you will finish this fic
5/24 c21 Guest
I just found this story and I am begging you to please finish it! I love your writing style and the fact that the characters actually seem like themselves!
3/28 c21 alainehope
I binged this instead of sleeping before work because it was just so damn good. The sexual tension delicious and the characterization spot on. I love this story.
3/17 c21 HisSecretLover18
Great story so far. I wonder how Natsu will make it up to Lucy. What happen between Minerva and Sting. Can't wait to see what happens next.
3/16 c21 blueyezfox
I love this story so far. Poor Natsu can't keep his foot out of his mouth. I hope you get to update again soon.
1/16 c1 Guest
I read this fanfic as it came out years ago and I still think about it to this day. I don't even like Fairy Tail anymore, but I'll still will go back and read this, lol. You are such a talented writer. If I found out that you ever wrote a book I would buy it in a second. I hope you've been well and I wish you the best of luck with whatever you choose to do with your life.
1/9 c21 ofmiceormen
i just binged this story and realized there's been a cliffhanger here for almost 6 years. i loved this story and your humor is immaculate, i am sad to see this work abandoned but i do truly hope you are doing well and that you are still pursuing creative writing even if it's not posted to fanfic! you have a talent for sucking me into this story and the plot/concept was amazing!
12/24/2021 c21 Fairytailfanatic
are you okay?
11/23/2021 c21 Hssjjshhshh
11/18/2021 c21 ravenqueen162
Waittt I need an update this is so amazing
11/11/2021 c21 DragonNightshade
will you ever update ?
10/24/2021 c20 3massiecure
7/6/2021 c21 Guest
This is an awesome story!
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