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8/23/2015 c6 p8rfectStorM
Wow! nicely tie into the ending of BoFA! Love how he cares for her at the end and brings her home. Now will the King show his love for Tauriel with Legolas and Kili gone? He almost lost her so this should be a wake up call to show his true feelings!
8/21/2015 c5 guest
That's it, Thranduil feel the guilt. Better make it up!
8/20/2015 c4 hobbitJunki
Wonder what Tauriel is feeling/thinking with Thranduil and Legolas. Great and interesting story!
8/19/2015 c3 rosslyn67
Very sad to see Thranduil keep this all in. I hope they get together and maybe she remembers things from her previous life.
8/18/2015 c2 guest
Very interesting! I thought it would be a Tauriel and Thranduil fic rather than Kili then.
8/19/2015 c2 animesia
OMG! Will this be a Thrandiel romance? Maybe after Killi's death since she is the Queen's reincarnation?
8/18/2015 c2 59Windy Darlington
I like this, and I cannot wait for more.

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