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9/19 c25 5Heterie
I'm so happy you posted again! Looking forward to the next chapter!
9/13 c25 No
Yayyyy it’s back!
8/8 c25 12Straw Heart
Welcome back! I just found your story and I'm enjoying it very much. Thank you for taking the time to post this new chapter!
8/4 c25 Spring
Man when i opened my email the last thing i was expecting was to see an update from in the year 2022, but i'm so glad you're back and that you have come back to this story. I remember this being on of my favourite fics when I was in highschool and i literally just re-read the entire thing for the memories lol.

Anyway, excited to see where this goes, take all the time you need for updates. There are still some people here who care about this and will gladly wait :)
6/2 c25 Guest
Pleaseeeeee write more of this! I beg of you!
5/24 c25 Fuyuhana Yume
Hi, i’ve been gone from for so long and i don’t follow the Fairy Tail fandom anymore. I’ve been moving to ao3 for fanfic for a few years now. But i returned to FF today to see this story updated. I was so shocked. I know how much effort to write and continue a story for so long. And i know when you write smt, it’s important that someone is there to read it. So I hope you can finish this story. And i will continue to read it to the end.
5/20 c25 3Prick 'n Improper
OMG YOU CAME BACK HOLY SHIT U CAME BACK! I def love this story with my whole being and u cannot imagine the joy I felt when i found this new chapter.

so happy to know of your achievements in the passing years, i am looking forward of your wonderful storytelling! dad jokes are a 1000% welcome!
5/18 c25 lucyhiguroshi
I’m happy you’re back! We’ve been waiting so long for you. While you were gone we grew up too and we’re all ready to see how much you’ve grown through your writing! We love you! Keep doing you and take your time.
5/1 c8 Guest
Wow you really are a piece of shit
4/30 c25 RedCoffeePanda
I have never in my life been so excited to see an email update before. I had to wait all week to read it because I wanted to do justice and reread the entire fic from chapter one so I was reading like a madman on my breaks at work and at home when I was awake enough to do so lol. I'm so glad to see that you're back! And take your time writing, all good things come to those who wait or whatever the quote is lmao
4/30 c25 9queenuly14
I'm glad you're back with an update!

I once again reread all of the chapters so I'm excited and looking forward for your future plans about this story! More NaLu action!
4/29 c25 4LeeshyLoo
To say I was shocked to see I received an email about an update to this story after so long is an understatement. I had to read everything again because why on earth would I remember every fic I've read as a teenager? And because I did I fell in love with your story again, so thank you for that. Good to see you're doing well, truly. I have also since found myself a fluffy-haired gamer boy as well, they're hard to resist aren't they?

Chapter-wise I think this one flows just fine considering I just binge-read all the previous chapters again. Don't be too hard on yourself, I empathise with the guilt of not coming back to a story for years even though it's your baby. If it's truly within your passion and interest, I am much looking forward to the next update (fingers always crossed for some citrus action).

I don't know why I wrote this review so formally, I guess it makes me feel like an adult lol. Feels like I'm writing to an old friend. Good luck old friend, it was good to see you again.
4/28 c25 jemana
Thank you for the update! I love this story, your humour and way of writing are very funny and enjoyable! Looking forward to the next chapter
4/27 c25 dooryy
Wow everything you’ve achieved in 5-6 years is amazing!
I remember first reading this story and loving it!
Sure time has passed but here you are getting back to your groove.
We’re glad to have you back
4/26 c25 ghostin
i'm so glad you've written another chapter of this! i love it so so much :)
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