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for The Boy Who Broke The Prince

7/24/2020 c1 RandomFF.netUser
Well that explains a lot. I'm officially considering this story canon. Also, how on the blue planet is Moon the only person ever to review this? It's so good! Let's get twenty more before 2020 is up. We can do this, community!
8/19/2015 c1 87TheMoonclaw
I'm glad we made you watch TAY vids XD
Yes, it is hard to believe they haven't seen Ceodore since he was "very little" (Whatever that even means, lol) Does that mean none of the characters have been visiting each other? And why not? 17 years is a long time of peace to just...ignore your friends...

The bed, in his parent's room. At 15. Awkwaaaaard...

Special Snowflake XD

Also, I love that you described him as puppy in one scene because serious, he reminds me of that, too. But...a kicked puppy that responds mostly to people who are mean to him (people who smack him, even though, you know, he's the heir to the throne, girlfriends who smack him, Kain who is just an all around jerk and is "over it"...)

Ceodore is a pretty terrible name...

I'm so glad this happened. It made me laugh and there can never be enough stories pointing out flaws in TAY...

Ceodore's character in a nutshell:
*Falls off something*
*lame victory pose-swing...swing...*

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