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4/24/2019 c6 jess271506
I just found this wonderful fiction.
Can I just say I love your characters and the plot line so far.
I can not wait to see how Vegeta and India develop- the perving from Vegeta is funny as.
I hope India starts to notice his physique as well.
The embarrassing situations that could come from this is gold.
I know you haven’t updated this story in a while but I hope you continue this one it’s really good- yes there is some grammar and spelling mistakes here and there. But it doesn’t detract from your story.
I really would love to see what you come up with next.
It says this is a Goku/oc/Vegeta pairing which is quite rare so I am wanting to see how you plot that out I think you will do it really well from what I’ve seen.
Thank you for writing.
4/11/2019 c6 trIchstEr99
I figured I'd put in a review since it's been a while. I read it when it was first posted, but I've been missing reading your story and came back to it. I hope everything is going well. You're good at creating a very vivid and descriptive story, so I hope you haven't given it up. This chapter was really awesome and entertaining. I certainly enjoyed the development between Vegeta and India. I laughed when he was checking her out so obviously at dinner. Soooooo can't wait for that to finally happen lol. Also, I'm obviously in favor of Raditz with Azuly. I figure that'll happen in time too, though. Anyway, I hope everything is ok.
12/23/2018 c6 non of ur business sorry
when will u update?
12/25/2017 c1 crazystargirl11
Please update this soon!
12/2/2017 c6 22DragonSpirit03
Love it!
9/20/2017 c5 trIchstEr99
So, I've had this story in my favorites a while hoping to read more. I was super excited to see an update. I really liked the characters, especially India, and was intrigued where it would continue to go. I'm really glad we're getting to see some of their training. Their growth was something I definitely wanted to read. I'm personally voting for Vegeta to pick India, but that's just my opinion. Nappa was really getting on my nerves so I'm pretty eager to see his punishment. Ass hole needs to learn restraint and respect. Also eager to see their first mission and how they work together as a team. Big fan of your story and thanks for the update. I'll be keeping an eye out for the next one. :)
6/25/2017 c4 8Kara47
Sorry if any thing seems choppy, my grammer was a little off and i forgot to fix some stuff in my preview .

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