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5/2 c7 Revolver09
I really want this to continue. Harry meeting Rachnera was the interaction I was looking forward to the most because, in all honesty, I think she would be the best parent of the group
2/8 c7 IanDickson6
1/19 c7 Ian Dickson
I will give you all the help you need.
10/24/2020 c7 Earthly Entity
after reading your story, I just can see Harry surrounded by moms with like Kimihito as a dad XD.
I feel like if that's a scenario picture Harry asking for siblings kind of like this.
"hey Mom(s) can I have a little sister/brother please" uses puppy dog eyes O.O.
everyone stares at Kimihito nervousness/sweat increase... 2 days later in hospital XD
"Kimihito(dad) what happen?" Replies "nothing to worry about all you need to know is that you might be getting sibling soon" in full body cast lol XD God I love your story I hope you read more in the future
3/17/2020 c7 Guest
Please update again whenever you can
8/11/2019 c7 7Wily Machine King
Do you mind if I adopt this story if your not continuing it?
7/8/2019 c7 jmchipo11
great story so far! depending on what you need from a co-writer I might be able to help. though I don't have a story on this site on another I am working on fixing it to meet the published requirements and I would gladly help for some help in return.
4/12/2019 c7 TechnoGalen
Sink or swim and it looks like you decided to sink.
2/12/2019 c7 17DRAGONDAVE45
Greetings! I am really loving this story! I have my own works going and a long to-do-list as well, BUT ...I am also happy to help fellow writers who's work I enjoy. I'm not sure what exactly is entailed in being a co-writer per-se, but I am willing to help you. I have spent nearly 2 years now helping Scobbyfan4ever with hints and ideas to overcome writers block, even helped her write entire scenes or chapters, and I have been priveleged to help her grow and improve as a writer with every story!
2/11/2019 c2 Guest
Please update soon! I love these stories, and especially this one. Your whole community of fans has been begging you. I want to see the this story of love and (cue Mero “ Drama!”) to continue!
1/16/2019 c6 Guest
Try writing where rachnera adored Harry and called him baby.
10/24/2018 c7 4Monster King
Great story a shame that you stopped it.
8/9/2018 c7 Redbone-6Skin6
This isn't really a review, but I could try. How about that?
7/15/2018 c7 5ThatChronicKid
I could try and help.
7/12/2018 c4 xbox432
Ya know, I'm not sure how long you plan to take the story into the future. But I'm morbidly curious as to what Harry'd do if he ever heard some of those purebloods talking bad about Liminals, or worse yet, his own family. Heh, and he'd have more to talk to Hagrid and Fillius about now. Though I'm kinda curious as to how "half-breed" liminials could come about, as that'd nullify the very existence of species like Lamia and Harpys.

...Also. I'd say that I'd pity Dumbledore for when Mia and the others find out he was Harry's "Magical Guardian". But I won't say, cause he'd totally deserve whatever was coming to him. Something tells me the girls wouldn't be too happy with the old goat. He kinda dropped the ball on the whole care and safety aspect of that title.
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