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4/16/2021 c8 Guest
Awww. 'S okay! potters62442
3/18/2018 c8 galbatorix1
There is actually a simple way around that, I can direct you to Bookhater95's work on Archiveofourown. They do a really good job and they have figured out how to get around the copyright issue.
9/1/2016 c8 18liverpoolss
please please please write more, you should ask fan flashing arrow how they do it for to change peoples death, her's is set when harry is in 5th year and finds the books, i like both, would love to see Remus reaction to who T.R is
5/5/2016 c8 Xovercrazy
I crucio the person who told you this! Try again doing something like what bookhater95 is doing. Go look at his stuff it's very similar but I think I like you take on their personalities better and I like the fact your using Snape in the story to. PM me I you start again please!
4/5/2016 c1 4Sissy Boo
Instead of saying complete in the synopsis say abandoned. So that people don't start to get immersed to only find that they are left hanging. Or even delete the damn thing.
3/27/2016 c8 LenaMiaH
É muito triste que não vai mais continuar, porque eu realmente estava amando sua história... Espero que mude de ideia e atualize o mais breve possível...
2/24/2016 c8 Rose099
2/16/2016 c8 7TheNameOfARiver
It just broke my heart mate! damn copyright! change your plot. make those movies! and rewrite it!
2/16/2016 c8 6chrono-contract
Hi! I actually was worried about the copywrite of this story, but you still can continue this story if you like. If you describe events happening in harry's life and have the others react to that rather then the actual text of the book, you should be fine :)
1/16/2016 c7 tlstroud
Just found this story. it and can't wait for more.
1/2/2016 c4 Guest
I love Reading the book stories. Too bad many of them are being deleted
12/21/2015 c7 24Lmb111514
I love the story so far and hope to read more soon!
11/8/2015 c7 Mortal Book Lover
I don't know how many times I've read this but it's amazing! Update soon please!
10/16/2015 c7 1BarbarafromGR
Can't wait for the next chapter!
9/25/2015 c1 firefly1987
I hope you update this soon!
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