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for Broken Boughs

8/11/2019 c1 2Debbora
Loved it!
1/18/2018 c1 16whitesheets
I am slowly making my way through your beautiful fics. Every word you write comes together to tell such a spell-binding, aching romance. Thank you for all you contribute.
2/21/2016 c1 metalbendingmistress
That was incredibly well written and very enjoyable to read, great job.
8/19/2015 c1 7Free-Spirited Dreamer
Love this! Aw, it's nice to know Mako isn't afraid to stand up for his boss. I admit I do enjoy Mako and Lin's surrogate mother and son relationship. As for Tenzin, his reaction to the officers' conversation was so believable, he wouldn't let those sexist jerks get away with that whether he and Lin were on good terms or not. As always you have written every emotion perfectly, keep it up! Your writing always pulls at my heart strings, but in a good way :)
8/19/2015 c1 Secret River Fan
I love this! It's a perfect standalone.
I imagine Lin, being a woman in charge of what seems to still be a male dominated occupation has to tolerate a lot of sexist crap like this. Add in that Lin isn't nice, is pretty demanding and expects the best standards from everyone, and of course sulky slackers will focus on her being a single woman as something to disrespect her over.

Tenzin's reaction feels very true to him. I do like that now that they've reconciled Tenzin feels it's his duty to confront the jerks where before I wonder if he would have said anything.

It's interesting that Tenzin is the one volunteering to run reports to Lin's office now. I can imagine before Book 1 that he took every care to avoid her and she him.

I like the little moment of Lin watering her plant, and Tenzin knowing that it's her favorite of five that he's given her, and the assumption that she still has them.
I also like the subtle mocking pointing out of the whole Mako/Lin "Momboss" trope that fandom seems to love but really doesn't do it for me.

It's funny this isn't even near the most angsty thing you've written but the emotion in this one just got to me. It's like Tenzin is just realizing how hard Lin has it, and how mentally and emotionally draining her job could be, having to deal with this all the time. Also Tenzin is just so eager to provide comfort and assure Lin how much she deserves respect. It truly feels like he appreciates her as a friend and want to share that with her. It's funny how open he can to Lin about how much he cares for her.

Love the title, and the "deleted scenes" nature of this story.
8/19/2015 c1 33avatarfanlin
What is it with you giving me the feely feels. Mako would totally tap that. Hahaha. Fantastic writing as always

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