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2/14/2021 c9 J
Hi! I recently discovered this story after getting into death note for the first time. I had kind of accepted it would never update but was ECSTATIC to see this new chapter!
Thank you so much you brilliant writer I look forward to seeing the story progress!
2/5/2021 c9 96Rookblonkorules
This was such a pleasant surprise to find in my inbox this evening. Thank you so much for the update!
8/26/2020 c1 DemonishFangirl
I'm so mad because ff wouldn't let me post a review on the last chapter since I had apparently already reviewed it so here we go and I'm hoping it'll let me send it here

I got super into Death Note again, and so I decided to reread this fic since I remember loving it so much years ago. And let me tell you, it still holds up. I've reread a few fics in my time and a lot of times I end up not really liking it the second time around, it happens, tastes change, sometimes what you liked reading when you were a teen does not hold your interest when you're older. But this did, and I am so glad that it did.
I was up late last night reading this and I only went to sleep because I had to get up early today. This fic has everything I look for when I read. Good storytelling, compelling story lines, (my favorite character suffering but shhh we don't talk about that).
I'm pretty sure I left a review or two when I was reading this as it updated but I'm still going to talk about some of my favorite things in this story because it's what it deserves.
The flashbacks are obviously wonderful, I find that they're a great way to understand L and just give depth to the character and the story. The scene where L almost overdoses will always be a favorite of mine but I'm not exactly sure why, whenever I think of this fic, that's what comes to mind, and it's actually one of the main reasons I decided to read it again.
I'm surprised, though, I thought I had read all that's out of the story, but I never read the last chapter. I guess I never got the notification, or it got lost in my email (which I'm still baffled by because I apparently left a review there but I seriously don't remember reading it). Regardless, it was a welcomed surprise, and now I'm really curious as to why Method would have lied. Did his children die and he was left taking care of his grandchildren, who he treats as if they were his own? Does he have secret illegitimate children? or Maybe he was trying to get L to forgive him for what he'd done by getting him to sympathize with his situation? I find the last two unlikely, especially that last one since he did end up, you know, killing himself. I feel like he wouldn't have felt the need to pull the sympathy card if he was killing himself anways, that would have been reserved for the trial.
L's way of coping with what happened to him is an interesting one, it must be breaking Watari's heart to see his son (because let's be real, that's what Watari sees L as) is going through that and refusing to accept any help or even accepting that he's struggling in the first place.
Over all, I still really like this story, I feel like it really holds up to what I remembered it being and maybe I'll get to reread it again soon.
12/24/2019 c8 Rookblonkorules
I know it's been years, but... will you ever update this? Poor L.
6/1/2019 c8 deathlyHealer
I really super hope you update this one day. It's absolutely amazing! And I'm veryvery curious about who hired Hobbs. And also. Really just want L and Watari to sit together and heal and shit. Please update!
7/29/2018 c8 DemonishFangirl
I realize that you probably won't upload anymore, and you probably won't even see this. But I still wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading this!
2/12/2017 c8 9Weaselandcherry
Wow, I am just awestruck. I have no words on how to accurately describe how I felt while reading this. It is very powerful... Keep up the amazing work. I cannot wait to read more!
I wish you well on your writing!
2/8/2017 c8 Guest
please come back!
8/7/2016 c8 21GhostofaSaint
Okay this is one of the best DN fics I've read. Please update. You're fantastic!
7/24/2016 c8 r
hey, I really, really love this fic, I've seen it hasnt been updated for few months, but please continue, I really wanna find out what happens next
3/18/2016 c8 18Nightwing Gurl
Wow... this is deep. .. update soon?
12/24/2015 c8 Blackshadow390
I'm totally impressed with this story. It's one of my favorites. AMAZING x3
12/19/2015 c8 S

This is by far my favorite fic I've read on this site for a long time.

Just wanted to say that in the hopes that'll motivate more updates.
12/19/2015 c8 biscuitman
Wow... this is freakin' amazing...
12/18/2015 c8 1Exogenesis Symphony Fm7
Suka suka suka! :D
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