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5/19 c21 Ashwathdragon
Are u still continuing this novel? Thos is one of my favorite fanfics, I hope you don't abandon it. Even though it has been 2 years , I still support your writing.
Even if you don't continue this ,please give us something at the same level as this.
4/11 c21 DarkBan
Sucks that the story finished here, but hey! It was damn fun while it lasted! :)
4/9 c21 JokerTheHollow
I loved this story from the get go and I wish it gets more chapters in the future even though it’s been around 2 years since the latest chapter released
4/2 c15 2Noreen I-shi
WAWAWAAAA, how you write like that, i mean in phase 'The Beast.. "can u pm me n give some tricks? Thanks
4/1 c2 1Pixelitus
Jeez, Shirou should know that this is a different world, and that different worlds have different things. Dumbass. He even said only Saber could wield it, not the King Arthur from this world or anyone else, but only Saber. A bit of an obsession much? Actually, now that I think about it, Shirou basically has an obsession with his lover in each of the three routes.
3/19 c21 mizunojohnmarl
hi are you going to continue this story please i want to know what happens next create more new chapter pretty please
3/8 c21 1keybladelight
I have read the entire story I hope you continue I want to see hoe shirou will fight the descendant of king of knights DxD Arthur pendragon and maybe have le fay pendragon appear in it but I really hope you make shirou use in true power Unlimited Blade Works I know that he cannot trace excalibur but now that he is meeting the descendant Arthur pendragon DxD I really want shirou trace excalibur or avalon to show to everyone that he has a love relationship with her saber her king of knights in is world artoria pendragon the woman that has make emiya shirou fall in love with her in one of the timeline of the fate route but now that you have made shirou meet saber, rin and sakura in avalon and that he is not ready to meet them I hope that all the DxD characters that has appear in kuoh academy in the peace treaty assassination they all see emiya shirou a mortal human magus trace the legendary sword of promises and victory Excalibur in is glory.
2/23 c21 Daniel95
Where is the latest chapter?
2/24 c14 6Erick Kingdom
Recuerdo haber leído una vez que el padre demonio de Merlín era Asmodeus. Pero como dices, es un tema discutible.
2/23 c1 Erick Kingdom
En realidad, en el universo de Highschool DxD Shirou debería ser perfectamente capaz de proyectar Noble Phantom casi continuamente debido a la riqueza de maná en la atmosfera de ese mundo, aunque UBW ciertamente estaría fuera de su alcance por el estado de su alma. Igual, Kanshou y Byakuya deberían ser armas más o menos OP por su afinidad contra demonios. A ver que tal le va a este Shirou.
2/3 c21 tank2u1wood
I hope to see another chapter of this gem I just found, thank you for the story thus far at the very least I immensely enjoyed it
1/30 c21 EMSreader
1/16 c11 Villiandeku9501
Normally I’m not one to do bring this up, but this reads way, and I mean way to similar to “a demon lord’s hero” at the top of the fate crossover follows list to not just be heavily inspired but starting to straddle the line of ripping it off
12/28/2021 c21 1knifeman3874
Oh no, not a horrible cliffhanger, dang lol.
12/24/2021 c18 Guest
Thats an awful comparison sirzechs is not an imitation of lucifer.
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