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4/24 c2 1EVA-Saiyajin
"Intimately." Shirou scoffed, unable to help the wry smirk that adorned his features "It's the Strongest Holy Sword, entrusted to King Arthur by the Lady of the Lake." he recited, as if challenging the man to contradict him, "It was later returned to her hand by Sir Bedivere following the King's fall at Camlann."

“Her” hand? Even Azazel wouldn’t let that wording slip by.
4/17 c21 Guest
please come back
4/13 c20 jericelona
of all the fics i've read with shirou in it, this shirou might just be the weakest shirou... as expected from a shirou that raised every death flag!
4/13 c14 jericelona
the more you know.
4/13 c9 jericelona
woah. i've read that arthurs sword did break but didn't make that connection with dxd's lore. daaaaaaamn.
4/11 c7 brenster100
Why is he giving away his secrets he should know that they could become enemies in the future so keep tight lipped
4/8 c13 2Aurum Faea
So I know you said shirou would remain human buuuuut

"In Volume 9, Sun Wukong states that some Heroes have become gods hinting that humans can become Gods, and according to him and Indra one must have a pure soul, benevolence, and righteousness to become a god. As stated by Indra that gods are honest when it comes to their personalities whether they were good/benevolent gods or an evil god."
3/27 c21 Guest
Huh, so you gave Arthur Clarent. I wonder how Shirou will react to that.
3/15 c18 Guest
you what? Sirzechs isn't even a slightly accurate comparison he isn't a literal copy of lucifer with the same powers Shirou comparing his powers to Sirzechs is completely stupid and makes Shirou look like an idiot.
2/23 c21 2MaskedFigure13419
Please update soon, this story is amazingly done so far, and I genuinely want to see what happens next!
2/15 c21 VtrCst
You mothafucher!
after that treat you end up here!
excalibur / caliburn / clarent ...
damn, that was good
1/28 c21 fanreader18
Of course it's a cliffy. Whatever. See ya next chapter.
1/24 c21 Scoolio
How dare you cockblock the faker!
1/24 c19 XDBOI
The mounds of heaven
1/16 c21 FakerFakerBlademaker
It's been a year, where are you now?
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