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6/28 c34 1blackredray21
Darth Vader NOOO!.gif
6/26 c1 Guest
So oak steals his egg and it's just glossed over? Weird...
6/21 c34 Tony McNucklz
Yeah, I get why it ended. The team is too disparate, there wasn't any real exploration of the Pokemon beyond shallow impressions, ones that were formerly important like Winter were barely mentioned for entire arcs, there's a lot that just doesn't stack up to a super engaging story. Your new one seems to not be picking up these problems yet, hope that continues.
6/21 c33 Tony McNucklz
Lego my eggo Emolgo!
6/21 c31 Tony McNucklz
I'm guessing Rachel either is or knows his mother, which makes no sense since that was a lie he made up.
Ah, another aunt.
6/21 c29 Tony McNucklz
Don't metagross fly? wouldn't that make him want one?
6/21 c27 Tony McNucklz
Honestly after all this time I don't in the slightest get why he hasn't tested valyrian to the glue makers. She doesn't seem to have done anything in the story besides who're herself to get Ramsey on the team. Her only scenes are exclusively not listening, and making trouble, any supposed usefulness has been exclusively off screen, which is the opposite of what you want from a team member.
Actualky, most of his team indicates he's a shitty trainer. How many actually listen to him? how many does he actually have control of? Oak was right, he's not nearly good enough for a large team. he got Deus ex mcguffined into Naga, who should have killed him immediately if it had been any other gyrados. I'm starting to get why this story was dropped. Half his team his control of is worse than Ash and Charizard.
Ok, once again, the ditto is the mother, which means (according to the rules you established), the offspring will be a ditto. How is this continuously coming up? And as if that isn't enough, even if it was a character, won't it be shiny, and therefore worth a helluva lot more?
6/21 c26 Tony McNucklz
Basically that redirect thing should be utterly useless for flying types, since they should almost always be in the air.
6/21 c26 Tony McNucklz
turncloak, not "turnclock".
The steel wing thing only works if they touch the ground, otherwise the shock hits the body, right? Unless I'm meant to understand that it the pelipper had been flying, they'd have redirected the attack to the ground?
6/21 c25 Tony McNucklz
Personally I'd have made a throwaway comment to Daisy that would point out her obvious daddy issues, as well as the fact she's rubbing them in Oaks face, and just left it at that. She's a smart girl, just getting her thinking about it would inevitably make her question the relationship and eventually end it. Probably quite quickly. I pointed it out to a friend once and she was so skeeved out by the realisation on the spot she met the guy that day to dump him. Turns out realising she's humping a daddy or granddaddy surrogate is a big NOPE for women. Then he subtly says something to Oak to indicate she will be single soon, and when it happens he'll think the kid had something to do with it, thus gratitude. Elm is clearly to clueless to figure out Jon had a hand in it, and she would be far to humiliated to ever tell him it was pointed out to her she was boinking him as a substitute for a parental figure. No girl would admit that. So, If she doesn't tell him, Elm won't know he lost his borderline jailbait because of Jon, so Jon doesn't lose that professional acquaintance with a useful man.
6/20 c24 Tony McNucklz
Why is he talking about Aerodactyl's eggs? it's established that the mother is the species of the egg, it was made clear way back when he got dratini in the egg. His Aerodactyl is useless for produsing more of them. was this previously established rule just forgotten, or did it just become inconvenient?
6/20 c23 Tony McNucklz
It doesn't matter the Aerodactyl is a breeder. It was established earlier in the story that the female determines the offspring, making it useless as a breeder of Aerodactyl.
6/20 c20 Tony McNucklz
Yes, not quite Minato, but definitely what I was hoping Baelish would gear his fighting around. Still wierd how many chapters he disappeared for.
6/20 c19 Tony McNucklz
Why is Baelish still nowhere to be seen?
6/20 c19 Tony McNucklz
In Brents place, I'd have spat in Stone's eye for rigging the match like that. The idea that whether something like Mega evolutions and otger broken shit were allowed sounds like something both sides should know beforehand. Stone and the replacement basically rigged the match to oust him. Mega evolutions require items, which makes it different from if the challenger had an unexpected King on their team.
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