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5/28/2017 c2 DemonOfTheNight
Exilent! I can't wait for the next chapter! XD
4/6/2017 c3 BiteMeBerry
upppdaattteee pleeaasseee
7/16/2016 c3 FearThePuggles
I will strongly suggest that there be more chapters for this fanfiction. If I can sway you into updating this story more by calling you sensei, goshujin-sama, or senpai, I will. No matter what. Love the story! *sits in a corner while waiting for next update*
3/10/2016 c3 Nofacetohide
I LOVE THIS STORY! Please don't leave me hanging too long and update soon!
2/10/2016 c3 21Patd06
First off I'd like to say that this is amazing. I don't have a second off xD I love this story so far. I love how both Ichigo and Grimmjow are characterized and I'm so excited to see where this goes. Thank you so much for writing this ;-;
2/8/2016 c3 13kenni-bun bun
*starts mouth breathing really weirdly because nose is stopped up and I'm crying* oh my god! I feel all types of ways for ichigo. *groans* I'm an asshole, so the whole orihime scene didn't really...move me? Like, its not because of you're writing, cause that was good. Its cause I really don't like her, like, at all. And I liked that Grimmjow is giving him the kick in the ass he needs, though our bluenette barely glanced at orihime. And I totally get why ichigo broke, anyone would break after going through what he has. And Dr. Unohana should've prescribed him a dose of talking to Grimmjow, no exchanges! Now let's see what happens next!
2/8/2016 c3 ArtAnime4Life
This was great. I'm so happy to see that you had updated that it pretty much made my day when I read this newest chapter.
2/8/2016 c3 RubyCainAzul
This is so damn good!
2/8/2016 c3 1scarletsaber
Poor Ichigo. At least he has Grimmjow who wants to help if he decides to open up, which is hopefully sooner rather than later.

Thanks for the update!
2/8/2016 c3 12Fallingthroughthefolds
I really hope your computer stops being a butt because I love this story and really didn't think you'd ever update it again (new reader since last update) but I'm even more in love with this knowing it's still active, it's worth the wait honestly 3
12/20/2015 c2 3ElsaFH
Hooooly cow, this is so good. I can't stop making up all these theories in my head about what really happened to Ichigo; why did he stop talking? Why does he feel so guilty about Masaki's accident? Will his friends try to approach him again? Ugh, I feel like gettin' into the Sherlock fandom all over again. So many questions, so many theories, so many ideas.
This looks fantastic, my dear, I hope there's an update soon
10/29/2015 c2 Guest
Great two chapters! :)
I like how you manage to portray Ichigo and hisfeeligs so well without making him appear overly dramatic.
Looking forward to the next chapters!

Cheers, Lem
10/27/2015 c2 DeletedAccound184392850
Holy crap, haven't seen your writing in so long! It's still so good, plz write more!
10/2/2015 c2 1MindJunk
This is a good story. But im still confuse about what was that scene about, when he got hypnotize? by the doctor. But i can sense a smut there Btw. If u dont mind. Please read my story and give me ur opinion. It really helps to have a good writer to review my story
9/21/2015 c2 orvlove1228
I am not sure but It looks like ichi has a illness called 'selective mutism'...poor ichi...TT
Anyway, your story is great! Can't wait to see next chapter :)
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