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6/17/2019 c26 4HermitWitch
That's dang cold Mia Tuk. Sproule tried to bury you when you were still alive and you couldn't even bury him! :P I guess becoming a vampire might mix up your priorities a little bit though. I'm curious to see who his first snack will be and all these attempts to cure himself!

*raises glass of blood* To Sproule! erm...He was there!
3/29/2019 c25 HermitWitch
Review take two! Unfortunately, it's lost quality in the rehash...

So, convenient that Mia Tuk has a bloodbag to travel with now. I wonder when he will finally begin to realize he's VAMPIRING. Btw, these two idiots cracked me up. Just brawling like that and then Mia Tuk wakes up being BURIED! ha! Take a hint, man!

Love this story so much though...can't wait for more!
3/14/2019 c24 HermitWitch
When Alduin said that pride would bring death I guess Sahloknir should have taken heed! He underestimated Mia Tuk and was just playing with them and paid dearly for it. I always have felt bad for Sahloknir for having to die so instantly after his resurrection and now you made me feel worse! :P

By the way, your description of Kynesgrove at the beginning was hilarious.

I'm very interested in Delphine's opinion on what just happened and his creeping illness is KILLING ME!
1/19/2019 c23 HermitWitch
I always beat the crap out of people before I ask them for help, too. Delphine is always such a prickly pear! And she has the nerve to be so high and mighty when Mia Tuk has already defeated a dragon that her order could not, in addition to having never fought one personally. Shove it, Delphine!
1/19/2019 c22 HermitWitch
Loved it! The bit with the guard was particularly funny.
1/19/2019 c21 HermitWitch
Again, enjoyed the battles! My favorite line was where Mia Tuk was imagining the draugr saying something about awkwardness between them. Had to laugh at that.
1/19/2019 c20 HermitWitch
I really enjoyed the fight scene, nice job on that!

Did Mia Tuk contract vampirism? I suppose I shall find out soon judging by the next chapter title!

The scene with Lydia was very amusing, I look forward to seeing more of her!

Also, your author's notes crack me up.
1/19/2019 c19 HermitWitch
Cool take on the Greybeards! I like the creepy vibe.
1/13/2019 c18 HermitWitch
I absolutely detest frost trolls. This particular troll seemed to be a troll in all senses of the word, too. Peeing on Mia Tuk's bedding? Next time lop off his head, Mia Tuk, and see if he can heal from that. ;)
1/13/2019 c15 HermitWitch
I fell off the face of the fanfiction earth for a while but I'm back with a vengeance! Good to see you have been updating...some of my other favorites joined me in hiatus and have yet to return. *grumbles*

Anyway, you wrote the battle in a way that really made it feel exhausting, like it went on for hours, like fighting a dragon really would be. I liked it! I also liked the reference that Mia Tuk made to becoming immune to passing out. ;)
1/1/2019 c23 Pokemark17
It's been so long that I think I might need to re-read
12/31/2018 c10 Nikkless
and why in hell did you make Ralof seem like a "Hercules"
. and the mc seems like he has a man crush on him.
12/31/2018 c10 Nikkless
dor a spartan he seems weak
12/31/2018 c8 Nikkless
hope you dont make this into some gay thing
12/31/2018 c5 Nikkless
Hope the mc fights like a spartan
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