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1/14 c73 cassnova5424
did she just accidentally immortality?
1/13 c45 cassnova5424
1/11 c82 6MintIsMeth
You have not disappointed with this sequel!
12/8/2022 c54 BerbDCat
Hello! I'm not sure if you're still active but I wanted to point out something to do with the Polish text used in this chapter, as a native speaker. The phrase you use translates to 'all Jews can exit/leave' instead of 'may come forth'. This may still fit the situation in the paragraph, and most people wouldn't know anyway, but in case you want help adjusting the phrasing pm me
11/22/2022 c82 Sparrow White
Just as I did when I first encountered "The Arithmancer," I set this story aside for a while when I found out about it, saving it for the right time. Then I started reading it - - and got interrupted by Real Life and never came back to your story for years. This did, however, have the bonus feature that the story was already done by the time I recently started reading it again.

What did I discover? "Lady Archimedes" was as good as I expected - - and my expectations were very high after reading "The Arithmancer." While I would have enjoyed even more mathematics in this go-round than it already had, I was amused by the *side-effects* of the mathematics, including things like Hermione using different languages to get the correct syllable count, the Lovecraftian references, and the intriguing possibilities for the algebraic topology of the soul.

Taken together, I feel that "The Arithmancer" and "Lady Archimedes" constitute a major work of fanfiction, right up there with RobSt's "Harry Crow" or Diane Castle's mega-crossover masterpiece "The Secret Return of Alex Mack" over on Twisting the Hellmouth. If I ever manage to actually write and post any fanfiction of my own, your work will be one of the reasons why.

So, thank you very much for writing this. I would give you a 16-cell (also known as a hexadecachoron) in exchange, but I cannot get it to lie flat enough to fit in this review box.

Yours in mathematics,
Sparrow White
10/23/2022 c82 Hoodie Hugger
This was amazing. I loved every chapter and all 1 million words of it!
10/5/2022 c82 GodsgiftFires
Oops, Damm I hate mobile. Just finished the story and I am really amazed of the quality of the writing. Congratulations.
10/5/2022 c14 GodsgiftFires
за после
10/2/2022 c82 el-kialyulo
This is, without any doubt, the BEST fanfiction I have read that covers the Hogwarts years. I truly wish that it could be published and disseminated globally, (with permission from J.K Rowling, of course), so that as many people can be enthralled by the Great Arithmancer that is Lady Archimedes.
Thank you so much for this captivating take on the world of Harry Potter.

Your avid fan,

El Kialyulo
9/23/2022 c82 Guest
I have no words that can properly describe how amazing this is. I applaud you. In fact, I give you a standing ovation complete with an orchestra
8/15/2022 c38 NeverWritesAlwaysReads
I'm just imagining the first letter "I want a HUGE diamond, how high is the price"
8/15/2022 c23 NeverWritesAlwaysReads
Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling can break out of Azkaban by making the Dementors secretly gay
7/16/2022 c31 1huongdaoroma
I really wanted to see the students lynch Umbridge, maybe assassinate her
5/23/2022 c82 Efloresco
Robe made of flying carpet? I can see that.
5/23/2022 c81 Efloresco
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