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5/2 c38 Guest
Trump? Really?
5/1 c36 Guest
This is all well and good, but why does Hermione and/or parents think their house is safe (right now or over the summer)? Should've occurred to at least her that if badguys can raid the Ministry, they can raid a muggle house. And Hermione personally fucked up a number of DEs who'll be itching for revenge now.
5/1 c31 Guest
Hmm, nope. You failed to make Umbridge's defeat good enough to justify the amount of tedium she brought to the story. It wasn't bad but not good enough.

This is your first major failure all the way from the start, author. It's a pretty good record, you can take solace in that.
5/1 c29 Guest
This is very stupid, author. You should know.
5/1 c27 Guest
Hate to break it to you, author, but a HP fanfiction isn't the real world. This is a story and Umbridge became boring a while ago.
5/1 c26 Guest
Umbridge stuff is getting old. We get it, author, she sucks. It's very boring by now. On with the show.
5/1 c13 Guest
Harry being a dumb shit is not fun. Stop writing it and get to the good parts, author.
5/1 c11 Guest
Moping is not fun. Dumbass teenager angst is also not fun. Stop writing those.
4/22 c58 Cyan-Snake
You fucked up. I love you. Abusive relationship here.
4/22 c57 Cyan-Snake
Yes. Everyone else fucks up but they get over it, Hermione does and literally everyone gangs up on her. Fuck them.
4/5 c69 emmasala1
Bill... Not Bill! D:
3/9 c11 CrookshanksG
It’s so sad reading that Ron has been pushed to the back of this story and has been barely mentioned at all.
3/4 c79 Guest
"that we thought" than
3/4 c77 Guest
"unable to breath" breathe
3/4 c75 Guest
"You've busy" been busy
"it's direct protections" its
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