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12/12/2015 c7 orca3553
well astrid, i would say you have no other choice than to let it go and have him be happy with elsa, since he there was a plan for the two of them to marry even before you could speak
12/12/2015 c7 Yumikana
Oh this is going to be Glorious, Cant wait for the next chapter.
Allso thank you this came out just when i needed something to give me a morale boost
12/9/2015 c6 Parker
Wow that was awesome cant wait till the next update!
12/5/2015 c6 LordTroy
Love your story! But bro can you have it where they have their first kiss in next chap and maybe a make out the night before Hiccup has to leave again!
12/3/2015 c6 RiptideIsAwesome199
old update your story
11/25/2015 c6 orca3553
great story and i cant wait for the next update
11/22/2015 c6 Noctus Fury
I have to say *claps hands enthusiastically* bravo, my friend, bravo! This is probably now one of my favorite chapters in the story. And don't worry about the story. Sure it has grammar and spelling errors and you sometimes use the wrong words, but what do I care? Your story is AMAZING! Among my top FIVE favorite Hiccelsa stories. TOP FIVE!

And to let you know in future reference: I'm a guy. An ordinary guy who has a huge love (though probably should be called obsession at this point, if I'm to be honest) for HTTYD/Brave and HTTYD/Frozen crossovers, mostly the latter.

And please forgive me for not having an account. I'm sure my questions annoy you, so forgive me. But I can't have an account, for I simply don't have the time. I'm often times lucky enough to be able to READ a few fanfics (depending on length) if I have spare time (which isn't much). Though, if by some MIRACLE, I get an account, you'll be ONE of the first to know. Apparently, there's a lot of people who want me to have an account so that I can talk with them and read my supposedly awesome stories that I would write had I gotten an account. Apparently, people think that with a name such as "Noctus Fury," that that means that I write awesome stories in my spare time. I wish. lol XD

As for the chapter. It was awesome. Loved the love between Hiccup and Elsa and the compassion and love they have for each other. I'm sad of the way things were between them, but Hiccup's hesitance is realistic. Hiccup COULD die before he even became of age, due to the danger that is the Barbaric Archipelago. It would be heart-breaking, and mean, if he started something, only to die on the way home. So applause for accuracy.

As for Hiccup and Agdar's talk and bonding time. Beautiful. Loved it! I also loved the minor interaction between Hiccup and Idun a few chapters before, though I wish that there'd be more of that, as well as with Agdar. They're perfect for Hiccup. Also I loved the scene between Anna and Hiccup. And when Anna kissed him on the cheek. I mean, seriously, Hiccup's a lady-killer; has those females wrapped around his little pinky finger. I wonder if Anna will have a crush on Hiccup when she sees him at the coronation? After all, he IS the only guy that Anna's ever been around, and he WOULD be more safer than the other guys. Also the romantic tension would be ultimately DELICIOUS! *laughs and rubs hands in evil glee*.

Also, you're an awesome writer. You definitely put heart and soul into your Hiccelsa stories. The ending part was adorable. If I could cry, I would. Just from the sheer adorableness of it all. lol XD

Until we meet again, my friend. Happy winds and smooth sailing to you. ;-)
11/23/2015 c6 14Wixeron
It seems that there is a huge misunderstanding between you and some people and myself. First, you claimed that they pressured you to change the stories according to their view.

That's not true for most of them. They only offered critics, opinions and advices, something that most critic does. Go and read or watch how other people critic; they don't just point out the flaws, but also what they thought would make the story better.

You might say that it's useless because the material they critic most likely cannot be 'edited' anymore. True, but there are purpose to that. For most, it is just for entertainment but for others that wants to create stories and what not, they are a wonderful educational tool.

Back then I wanted to write about overpowered characters (Naruto) but then I learned through numerous critics on why that is a bad idea.

I want to ask you, as harsh as the words of others sound, did they ever force you to change your story? Even if they used the words 'should, must, need' in their review, unless there is a follow up action to make you heed those words, they are just simply advices or instructions. And an instructions are just, essentially, advices.

The only person that did that was me. But that was only because you asked for my opinion. And from your background of wanting to write halo stories, I thought that you wanted to write stories that isn't just for fun, but something that you could use as a basis for a published writing, SHOULD you decided to venture into that field again as I am well aware of your situation.

Yes, I bring up what has to be a sore subject to you, but it was signficant in forming my and other's first impression of you. We don't just do this all the time to others, you know.

And yes, I and the others might not be professionals in both writing and criticizing and thus, our words might not hold much weight. But that doesn't mean it should stop us or others from voicing their opinions.

All in all, it seems that there has been a severe misinterpretation of intents from both sides. For that I apologize. I and a select few won't be doing any criticism for your story anymore.

I can't say for RandomReader7 though. He's a bit of a loose cannon.

One last thing. Just because we've said harsh things to your story or about you as a writer, it doesn't mean that we didn't like it or that you suck as a writer.
11/23/2015 c6 RandomReader7
Wow, Hiccup went from an 11 year old with the mind of a teenager on a horny valentine's day, to a clueless anime harem protagonist in a few years and back to someone who knows about love all of a sudden.

This zig zagging sure is fun. You said that relationship doesn't have to go on straight line, that's true but people don't just forget the progress that's made. They just hesitate to act. Unless of course this is the 50 first dates movie.

This could be easily fixed with just changing a few lines of Hiccup's words to make him 'remember' that he has feelings for Elsa.

Oh wait, you don't care! So what's the point? You only want fake positives like the 90‰ of people that will easily give it to you on this site.

And what's this I heard about 'it takes no talent to critize?'

Oh sure everybody can critic but does that mean everyone can truly see what the story really is instead of just following the hype or giving empty praises?

Does that mean everybody can critic in an entertaining and successful way like Nostalgia Critic, Angry Joe or Jeremy Jahns?

If that's true, then there won't be failed critics, the less than 1000 subscribers and the like.

And your words "don't have the right to tell that person that they lack as a writer or that their story is dull"...uum, ever heard of Free Speech?

You put your stuff out here in the crazy world of Internet, people are free to comment what they like or think, not according to your rules. It seems that your standard of 'criticism' amounts to what pleases your fragile heart.

So yeah, as you are free to think that critics are hacks because they don't need talent, we are also free to think that your story is dull and lacking and you aren't that talented either. And I'm not saying that just to spite you, but it's the truth. Your story might please the kids, but not the adults.

That's the cold hard truth, baby.
11/23/2015 c6 Criticzar
Although your rant refers to certain people that gave you quite the critical review, I noticed that most of it refers to me. So I'm going to defend myself first.

First of all, I did not insult you or your work. Simply pointing out something negative isn't an insult. The word lacking is not an insult. You misread the context of what I mean with that word.

If I said that you lacked what it takes TO BE A writer, then yes it might pass as an insult. But I said that you are lacking AS A writer. That means you can improve on what you are missing on. There's a difference.

I've seen people got slighted when they were told they lacked what it takes to be something they want. But I have never seen people got insulted when they were told they were lacking something in doing what they want or like.

They usually take that as an intiative to IMPROVE.

YOU are the one that insulted others; "it takes no talent to criticize"?

I DARE you said that to people who's job is to criticize, especially on a professional level. You do realize that part of editors' job is to critize? Surely everyone can become professional food critic, editors, talent judges, reviewers and so on because it is so easy to become one, right? Surely every critic can find the faults in a story instead of just giving fake positives for the sake of preserving other people's feelings?

And you seemed to forget that some of the critics have experience in writing, even if there is no story under their profile. For all you know, some of your critics might be published writers. Bravo for your ignorance.

But here's the thing, you talk about talent in writing. But from how you don't care about the plotholes and pit traps that you are making and the disrespect to critics show that you are not exactly brimming with talent in writing. So you don't have much authority to say that it doesn't take talent to do other things.

And from the way you react to your critics, it's obvious that you are one of the overly sensitive generations of today.

One more thing, the famous line of 'don't like don't read'...have you noticed that great writers hardly said that? Why do you think so? It's because they understand that most of the people that commented negatively LIKED the story.

Most people that doesn't like something won:t even bother. They won't show dislike on something that they are passionate and liked in the first place.

You think people like me and the others went around to every story and critize it? No. We do it to stories that we like. If we don't like it, we would have said so. Did we ever utter the word "dislike, don't like or hate it?"

No. That's the cold hard truth. Get that over your overly sensitive and ignorant head.

Oh and the reason why we were critical of you is because first, you claimed to want to write about HALO and even planned a few books too back then. Halo is a heavily criticised universe with high expectations. Thus it has a high bar that any person wish to write for it should have known and prepared for. Second, you said you have an editor to check and it should have exposed you to high level of criticism.

Sure the halo story is a dead horse to you, but it doesn't change the fact that it sets a high standard to people that have known about it. You set a high standard to yourself as well through your actions. But of course, when it gets too tough, you hightail it with various excuses.

What a joke.
11/21/2015 c6 Guest
Great chapter. Hope you update soon! And will Hiccup be with toothless the next time he comes to Arendelle? I can't wait !
11/21/2015 c6 Guest
To say the least I love your story. It is very intresting, and a like the realism you put into your crossover.
11/22/2015 c6 10supersandman86
Once again another brilliant chapter. Alot of emotions both of them face but soon they'll find each other on the same path. The look on Elsa's face when she see's Hiccup visiting her on the back of a dragon would be priceless. Or a plot where she's given a message telling her about Hiccup and his dragon Toothless fighting against the red death to which Hiccup fell into a coma, and despite her fear of hurting anyone, she wants to go see him immediately. She'll finally get to see Berk and gets that kiss she wanted to give him all those years ago, changing the plot where Astrid kisses him at the end of the first movie, but instead be Elsa that kisses him. Just a bit of extra help if you're stuck for plots for the story, feel free to use it if you want. And by the way, non of us on here are professional writers. We're just like you, we write with a passion because we want to. You're story is really good and you should be happy to know it brings joy to many readers when we get an email telling us your next chapters up and eager to be read.
11/21/2015 c6 1Twiceland2015
I love this chapter. It was a little sad and also a little hopeful for Hiccup and Elsa's future. Can't wait for the next chapter.
11/21/2015 c6 2the-unknown-guardian
Woo hoo I got a shout out lol. Anyway, I can see that it's getting close to the time when the events for the first how to train your dragon take place. I'm quite interested to see how you're going to work that into your story. Will you be including snippets if the movie into the chapter or just skip it all together and just write the aftermath? Will you inform Elsa of Hiccup's "change" by letter or will you wait to reveal it the next time they meet? I can't wait for the next chapter!
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