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for An Arranged Life

8/23/2015 c1 11fanfictionmakermachine
Very good start! I hope the rest of the story will turn out just as well as this chapter. Keep up the good work! :)
8/22/2015 c1 Hermanator7770
Wonderful story very good concept that few writers publish and even fewer that execute it properly so for that I say bravo I have a good feeling this story will turn out well and it is so far excellent

1) you did something unique that I found just awesome Stoick speaking in his native language at the beginning that was just awesome

2) You made the meeting dictating Hiccup and Elsas life seem very official and I like how formal it was

3) you did a lot well more than I can say but I have to give it 4/5 stars simply because I felt Stoick was a bit too out of character and I am not sure if Berkian Vikings plunder and Pilage

Lastly some questions and concerns

1) will this story follow cannon story lines and will Elsa interfere with Hiccup meeting Toothless and his influence on Berk or will Hiccup interfere with the events of Frozen
2) I also will make a suggestion about the contract have it Elsa and Hiccup meet every 5-7 months for 2 months at a time because I feel as if every 3 years for 1 month at a time is too scarce maybe you can say the contract was edited later on idk just a suggestion

To leave of your story is awesome and I know it will do well
8/22/2015 c1 1Twiceland2015
Great first chapter so far can't wait for the next chapter.
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