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2/7/2019 c16 8warorpeace
So nice to see you back again.

For a moment I thought that elsa should have hesitated more, but then again maybe she is not as afraid to touch Hiccup because she is comfortable around him. Also, I enjoyed a lot his interactions with Hans.

I found one mistake: you wrote “currant” instead of “current”

Keep up the great work!
1/25/2019 c11 12noukinav018
That flighr issue might cause problems between them if they're not careful. I was also taken by surprise that Elsa wouldn't be excited to try it out. Your Astrid could rub it in later. I see this Astrid is OOC. If she remained as canon, she'd probably just be herself and that would make Elsa feel at a disadvantage. But I don't see Astrid doing those kind of things on purpose. I believe she would cause trouble unwittingly by being the helpful friend Hiccup needs when Elsa is being difficult. It could create a lot of misunderstandings too. I wouldn't even mind for him in being confused with his feelings. Astrid and Elsa are two outstanding characters, so it would make them justice as well. That's my view... Anyway , this story is getting so very interesting as I keep reading it!
Hiccup is probably getting Astrid and company things they truly need. Is there going to be a time Astrid comes to Arendelle?
Do keep writing! _
1/15/2019 c16 Demi clayton
I think you should write more when you can as it is really good so for, please and thank you.
1/15/2019 c10 noukinav018
Oh please tell me this won't blow out of proportions as they're literally making each other company after such a tough day with Arendelle's rulers gone. I'm dying to know who's the person that saw Hiccup walking out of Elsa's room.
1/15/2019 c9 noukinav018
I entertained the idea that Elsa in the middle of her excitement forgot about the contract secret. She wasn't supposed to know either, and it was something beyond her control. Hiccup won't hold that against her right?
She's wary of breaking the agreement beyond anything else. Hmmm I'm not sure on Hiccup's reaction though.
He'd be more angry for the lie and not the contract.
1/15/2019 c8 noukinav018
I will always be shocked on Hiccup's acceptance on losing his left foot in the movie. I know it's a touchy subject and an emotional roller-coaster, but this felt real. No person, no matter how calm and collected would be affected one way or the other.
As for the talk... Is this about their relationship or how Elsa is handling her secret ?
1/15/2019 c7 noukinav018
Oh, this is going to be difficult and different from the HTTYD events. I thought Astrid would only remain in a friendly basis considering Hiccup has been promised to Elsa instead. I love Hiccstrid, but you're always torn about it. Hopefully, she'll have a happy note despite not having a chance with the future chief of Berk.
1/15/2019 c6 noukinav018
That was so bittersweet... Next time he'll be with Toothless and minus his left foot... Hopefully a red death less. It's going to be a very surprising event.
1/15/2019 c5 noukinav018
ROTFL Hiccup is going to pass out with Elsa being that way. I can't even imagine the look of people from Berk when they see Hiccup's intended. Snotlout and the twins will be too shocked when they discover that indeed. I don't know about Astrid, perhaps she has her sights in another viking already.
Do keep writing !
1/15/2019 c4 noukinav018
I was so worried he would leave that miserable. Nice safe in the end. Now that her issues are still brewing, it's time for Hiccup to have his own drama build up with the dragons. I have no idea how Elsa will take on Berk befriending and riding dragons. Also, Anna's loneliness won't help much if she sees her sister talking to Hiccup and not her. Will She resent Elsa in the long run or even Hiccup?
Yikes, that would make matters worse when she becomes of age. And what of Astrid and the rest of the gang? They'll have to appear and meet Elsa at some point. Will Astrid be a friend to Hiccup ? I mean the can have differences and all. But they'll still be dragon riders.
1/15/2019 c3 noukinav018
I think she should have spoken to Hiccup about it too. What if next time he's confined and scared... She won't push him away, will She?
Oh! And what of Toothless ? Is he going to be a dragon rider by then ?
I'm a bit confused on Berk's timeline a bit. We don't know with certainty other details... Being in Arendelle he does not make contraptions as he is supposed to do in Berk. How come he doesn't look for a forge in Arendelle too?
Oh well, I guess we'll know later. I'm worried on how much Hiccup's relationship with her could have a rocky path afterwards.
1/15/2019 c2 noukinav018
I don't mind if there's a different timeline you establish. So far, I'm very excited to continue reading your story. The plot is unique and it makes you always wonder of what's coming up next. I wonder how is Hiccup going to affect or not Elsa's relationship with Anna. She's the big sister, but now Anna will need to understand that it's not just the two of them. Surely as Anna gets older will be able to befriend Hiccup too and not be annoyed when Elsa spends time with him during his visits.
1/14/2019 c1 noukinav018
I'm so lucky to be able to find such amazing and promising plot like yours. The idea has me on the edge of my seat and squealing.
Wow! Will they get along as children ? I wonder of Hiccup's role even after Elsa's powers being discovered. In the movie you see how she's away, but I have no idea of how much things can change with Hiccup and Toothless involved. Oh! And the Dragon issues. Yeah, about that... The third movie is finally playing on February where I live!
Do keep writing !
12/1/2018 c16 killernooch
love this stpry
12/1/2018 c13 killernooch
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