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12/1/2018 c10 killernooch
so since Disney confirmed that Elsa's parents survive and have Tarzan are you going to have hiccup find and save them?
11/26/2018 c16 32Noctus Fury
Wow! This was in a direction I didn't think was going to end up in. I mean, I figured that it would in most of it according to the canon, but the others were what surprised me. Like Anna slapping Hiccup, the Hans/Hiccup argument, and Hiccup having an old arrow wound (which I had forgotten that he had) reopen from the ice blast and Elsa finds him that way.

I highly disagree with Anna having Hans be in charge. Even if Hiccup, in her mind, couldn't be trusted at this moment, putting Hans in charge is a MAJOR issue. She could've had Kai, Captain Birger, or one of the Council members to take charge as they're of her people. In reality, that would've caused an upset among her people which, despite their predicament, would've had great consequences even after the Frozen incident. She would've probably always been viewed as the naive lovestruck princess who jeopardized the safety of her people and kingdom and even her queen sister by having Hans - a foreigner whom nobody knows nor had an invitation - be in charge of her own people instead of Birger, Kai, or one of her own people, which would've been expected and such. But whatever. I get her circumstances, but the thing is that few people would understand her situation nor would've looked kindly upon her. Now, I'm a history buff and a realist, and I know that this is Disney, and that nothing in that movie or book would've been tolerated or allowed in them in reality. Like allowing Elsa to be Queen in spite of her powers, Anna putting Hans in charge, Anna being in a relationship with a commoner, and having this Frozen situation come to an end without any declaration of war or aggressive stance of any kind. But that's just me.

I also have a feeling that Astrid might use this opportunity to try to get Hiccup back. If not during the canon stuff, then later on when Weselton and Poliske declare war on Arendelle and Berk (good luck with the latter since they'll never find Berk). Maybe she'll find out about the clause and then try to delay the wedding as much as possible so that they can never get married and she'll have him all to herself. But again, that's just me. I still say that you kinda made Astrid OOC, but whatever. It's your story. lol XD

It was awesome to see Astrid come to Hiccup's defense and push his buttons. Made me forgive her many faults. XD

It was a very beautiful moment when Elsa helped with Hiccup's injury and saved his life. And I loved it when Elsa fantasied just her and Hiccup in this castle and have some kids and living a simple life. A beautiful dream, but merely a dream. They're rulers; they do not have such luxuries - especially when their kingdoms are in danger.

The big problem now is Hans. Since it's a given that Hans is coming with many of the Royal Guard to find Anna and grab Elsa, I can see them also capture and imprison or even kill Hiccup as well. It would be awesome to see eventually Hiccup becoming a frozen statue as he saves Elsa from Hans. But as amazing as that would be, maybe let Anna have the spotlight and still have her do so so that they can repatch their relationship as siblings. Besides, seeing Hiccup beat Hans' butt would be glorious!

Another problem will be the dragons. After the Frozen incident, there's no way that Hiccup can even hope of introducing the dragons to Arendelle and the world. That would only make things worse and even bring much anti-dragon agendas that will result in the extinction of the dragons, and will put Berk, the Archipelago, and Arendelle in their sights. Their wish is supposed to NOT start a war when they're just rebuilding their kingdoms. And having Hiccup introduce and reveal the dragons will only strengthen Weselton and Poliske's claims of Hiccup using Arendelle as a base to raid and conquer the rest of Europe. So I think Hiccup should order Toothless to hide before Hans and his men nab him as well as Elsa, in order to continue to keep the dragons secret. It'll only make their (his and Elsa's) situation worse.

Speaking of Weselton and Poliske's plot against Hiccup and Elsa, I think Hiccup needs to tell Elsa about it soon.

I can see that after the events of Frozen, there will be attempts to kill Hiccup and/or Elsa in order to prevent their union from becoming a thing. I can also see Hiccup eventually leaving Arendelle after a few weeks and ends up in another bloody war - this time against Grimmel the Grisly (in the events of HTTYD 3) which will result in sending the dragons away so that they will no longer get hunted, as Hiccup realizes that now is not the time to be revealing the dragons to the world. Due to the war, the Tribes of the Archipelago decide to make Hiccup King and the Archipelago becomes officially the Kingdom of the Wilderwest. After a year of once-again rebuilding Berk after the war is over and making Berk better, he returns to Arendelle and he and Elsa plan to marry before the time ends. I can easily see this as part of the subplot of Act II when Weselton and Poliske plot to get rid of the union between Hiccup and Elsa by trying to kill one or both of them, declare war against them, find out about the contract and use it to their advantage by delaying the wedding long enough that the contact would have to be annulled and Hiccup would have to leave and Elsa would once again be on the market - or all of the above. Though, I can't help but wonder if more countries will go against Arendelle and Berk because of Elsa's powers and what had happened and because of their distrust of Hiccup's motives.

I can even see them (Elsa and Hiccup) having to deal with the people of Arendelle due to their distrust in Hiccup after the incident as well as Elsa's powers. But that's just me. I just hope that Anna will forgive Hiccup and realize that he was obeying Elsa's wish as both his fiancee and as his Queen and couldn't tell her because of it.

I have a very bad feeling as to how your future chapters of Act II is going to turn out.

Again, I really enjoyed this chapter. Despite it being shorter, it's still longer than most chapters. Which I'm glad. Personally, I love long chapters. Especially if said story has few updates. This was very suspenseful and full of surprises. This is one of my top 5, if not Top 3 Hiccelsa stories. Very well done! Keep up the great work. Thanks for writing this and for sharing this with us. I hope you've had a great Thanksgiving and that you'll have a great December. I understand how busy you must be, so don't worry about not updating often. So long as you continue to write quality chapters, I should fine, even if I would love it if you updated more often. I'm sorry that this is such a long review. But a long chapter deserves a decent review, should it not? ;-)

Also, maybe Elsa can have ice soldiers or snow wolves rather than that giant abominable snowman. That was REALLY unoriginal and cliche, since we've already got the other snowman. They could've had Elsa be a little more creative with her guard. Just saying.

Your loyal reader, follower, and fellow fan,

Noctus Fury
11/18/2018 c16 Guest
Thank you thank you thank you. I can’t wait for the next chapter, but take the time.
11/19/2018 c16 5NPwall
nice chapter
11/19/2018 c16 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. I love your story. Can’t wait till next chapter
11/18/2018 c15 4CajunBear73
Quite a bit of personal and political fallout to come from this night.

Those scheming against Arendelle and Berk may be a problem, eventually, but for now there's what comes after Elsa's having fled the castle and hurt Hiccup.

With what's coming next, there should be those who will do their best to exploit this to their own means and ends...But Hans is a pretty big threat and Hiccup has recognized this almost immediately. Astrid's still a wild card in this, as she doesn't seem to want to let go of her chances with Hiccup and will probably use this incident herself...Hope not, though. She may find love, but it's not with Hiccup.

A chase is coming up, eh? Wonder what will come of the Vikings heading out on dragons while Anna makes her way, too.

11/18/2018 c16 cristiansantiagohernandez714
This novel can only be described in one word: AMAIZING
The romance, sadness, comfort, and anger/betrayed feeking is all on point. Really look forward to reading more about this.
11/13/2018 c15 Mark
Please tell us Chapter 16 is ready! Almost been a year now!
Hope you're doing okay! Will we still get 5 chapters in little over 2 years now?
7/8/2018 c15 4AlfyreGree
Love the story, love where it's going, certainly love you. That being said a lot of people will make remarks about petty little things they take issue with like spelling, grammar, and the cheeziness of scenes, if you want to listen i get that, but i just like reminding people that they are getting a free service here, something most people are getting nothing out of besides a sense of accomplishment. You put in as much effort as you like. However i will be a bit of a hypocrite real quick and say something about the upload time. just five minutes of every day will make a differnce i think. I don't know you're situation or what you're dealing with. I personally set word count goals like 500 words, or recently 2000 words a day. But don't worry about it, i'm just butthurt because I binged this in one day and desperately want more. Thanks for writing this!
4/21/2018 c15 Rasl16
Hi! This is just an honest opinion. For me, your story is good but it could be better. I understand that you want to add depth to your characters but I think some are out of sync. There were scenes that were cringey for me. I love your dedication to finish your story. I want you to continue to write and improve yourself. Don’t give up okay! I’ll continue anticipating your future chapters.
3/28/2018 c15 Shrike thorn
2/23/2018 c15 Guest
Please continue.
2/6/2018 c15 Guest
This is a really good story and one of the few HiccupElsa stories that is long and in depth too. I just read the last chapter and while I really wish it was updated more frequently, I’m just glad that it is not discontinued. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next installment!
1/24/2018 c2 Guest
Not a fan of how ignorant you think the Vikings are. Mathematics are crucial to any sapient group, let alone a society. They literally couldn't function without the ability to make measurements and keep accounts of their supplies, let alone build sea-worthy sailing vessels. Yet you act as if Hiccup would have learned *nothing* in his home village. It's just stupid.

As for 'the world being flat', that was disproven well over 2000 years ago by the Greeks, and the Vikings existed 1000 years ago. It's not like that knowledge was not disseminated over 1000 years. If we consider this fic as closer to the time period of 'Frozen' (which is set sometime in the 1800s), then it's even more unlikely that Berk would be full of... well... berks.

Keep a good balance here. Making it all about 'enlightening the savages' is just annoying to read. Teaching geography, politics, social etiquette, and foreign languages (i.e. English) is all fine, as those are regional, as is some introduction to advanced sciences and engineering. But don't act as if the Vikings know absolutely nothing.
1/19/2018 c15 3OechsnerC
Awesome story update soon
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