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23h c1 19EmonyDeborah
I always love the idea that Lin, the heir of an extremely wealthy family and legacy of the most famous earth bender in history, would have of course had lots of dresses and known how to handle herself at formal events. This is great, I love this couple
9/3/2015 c1 7Free-Spirited Dreamer
Oh my gosh, when Lin told Buttercup that her and Tenzin were going to have their own private party I was in tears laughing! I really enjoyed this, I love how believable it is. Naturally them being out in public together would cause a scene, and you wrote that perfectly.
8/28/2015 c1 Guest
Raiko... Tsk tsk... Ya little child
8/22/2015 c1 Secret River Fan
Be still my heart. Have you finally joined Tumblr?!
And I agree, Amira is a fantastic artist and the way she draws Lin is stunning, especially in formal wear.
This was a great request. I like actually that Lin and Tenzin are taking things slow. I think if Tenzin didn't have his children to consider, he might marry Lin immediately but as mentioned diving into a relationship with Pema immediately after breaking up with Lin wasn't great, and I think even though Lin loves Tenzin she's also had years of independence and living by herself and is accustomed to that. They're being so responsible here.

I do wonder what the general public reaction would be in this scenario. I think the acolytes would definitely be disappointed and "Team Pema" though they would never dare say anything in Tenzin's presence. I think a lot of the general public might not care. I think Pema has little to no standing in high Republic City society as she seems to stick to the Island. Raiko in your universe seems to have a borderline unhealthy fixation on Tenzin so I can see his reaction here.

Raiko is just a sourpuss, isn't he? We already know he was sexist and throwing his weight around with Lin in Book 2, threatening to fire her for not finding the arsonist. I suspect part of him might be threatened by how well Lin knows Republic City and how to run things, along with her respect and reputation.

It's interesting I can imagine a lot of gossip when Tenzin originally left Lin for Pema, a lot of it unflattering to Lin, so it's a bit sad to see her and Tenzin finding their way back to one another only to endure more gossip. I like Lin's approach to the situation however. That too will fade and people will find something else to talk about.

I love the ending.

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