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12/17/2015 c3 Dot.Rose
Interesting so far. I like to see where this goes.
I haven't read one where you were born around the same age as Konohamaru.
...So ... is Daichi getting chased down by ...Root ?
11/25/2015 c1 Dtrissy
Cool. I like this so far.
11/7/2015 c3 1Enigma infinite
Interesting take but needs some spelling fixing.
8/31/2015 c3 Whah happen
Seriously wtf happeh
8/31/2015 c3 1Pleasereadmything
Hope you update soon!
8/30/2015 c3 Daxsis
good chp. but i still think its weird he's only 1 -_- i no some 1 year old who cant even walk or just barely. doing things like walking and talk are not just mental things an infant needs time for its body to develop before It can try things like walking let own running through Tree Tops so having a 1 year old breaking down doors and using stealth like a veteran anbu isnt really realistic. plz have a Long timeskip soon (like hes 3-5 yrs old type of long) so it feels a bit more believable and less like a joke.

P.S when u where talking about his training schedule at the beginning and you mentioned the three beginner jutsu u put shadow clone. not sure if u just didnt no or are giving him a better jutsu but the Academy jutsu is called the Clone not shadow clone. the shadow clone is a b ranked kinjutsu that most jonin cant preform because of the chakra consumption that makes real tangible copy's while the academy's Clone is just is an illusion and not a tangible copy. just want to let u no because if its not fixed it can cause alot of people to rage at ur story
8/30/2015 c2 1tf330129
keep it up :)
8/25/2015 c2 Guest
Cant wait for more
8/25/2015 c2 Guest
A very good update
8/25/2015 c2 Daxsis
not bad. but u need to have a time skip to age him some being only 1 but able to do all this is a litlle weird. keep it up tho
8/25/2015 c2 I Judicator
Cool story! Keep it up.
8/23/2015 c1 Guest
LMAOOOO that was so funny. The ending lol thanks for that. Your story is definitely a welcomed addition to my favorites. Thanks for posting !

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