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4/4/2020 c1 Nekotwins 22
this is an adorable moment. make more Simon and Dave moments
4/17/2017 c1 20Simonette Cartoonist
This is one of the best, well-written fanfics I have read! Your style, grammar, and vocabulary was, without a doubt, perfect. I loved the story as well; it's not often that we get to see moments between Simon and Dave. You're great at writing about their troubles and thoughts. Their chemistry was full of sadness and sweetness, and I could sense it. Plenty of kudos for you for that. Seriously, this was a great story!
9/18/2015 c1 moving on from this nonsense
This was absolutely wonderful. )

For starters, I loved how it played off of the issues Simon was having in "Good Old Simon", from the '80s series - those aren't the kinds of feelings that just magically disappear with a little dose of familial affection and some girls hanging off of one's arm. The exploration of Simon's personal issues was a wonderful read, and I thought you captured his emotional state very well - introspective and detailed - while having him express it in a cold, detached way that is very typical of his character.

I also appreciated that you explored Dave's thoughts on the matter. Most of the time when discussing feelings of inadequacy on the part of a particular character, many writers opt to discuss that character alone, rarely showing more than a superficial representation of the other party. Here, however, you gave Dave perfectly good reasons to react to Simon as he does - not because he doesn't care for Simon as much as for Alvin or Theodore, but because he didn't think that Simon would have been receptive to it. The dialogue between the two is very natural and in-character, not at all hackneyed, and as such was refreshing and emotionally involved, on the part of the characters and the reader.

All in all, very well done; as a fan of Simon myself, I always enjoy reading works like this, that show respect for his character while also doing something interesting with it.
8/30/2015 c1 2SimonDiamondDoll
This is honestly one of the best fics I've read in a long while. The narration was written in a way that fit well with the characters and... Hah oh man I'm crying a little... As someone who's been a longtime fan of the franchise and has always related to Simon... Wow this touched my heart. You brought emotion into the writing so eloquently and fluidly it could be felt by the reader, rather than simply stating the emotions that should be felt. I hope you keep writing, my friend...!
8/24/2015 c1 6snowflakeangel21
awww how cute
i can understand why he thinks he is unlovable
people who are smart and mature tend to believe that
simon is actually my favourite!
good work!
8/23/2015 c1 19928189143
I loved this. It was adorable and fit Simon so well! Great job :) I hope you write more stories like this for the fandom. It would be awesome cause you're a really good writer :)

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