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4/20 c4 Hyn
Oh wow, am I dreaming?! I can't believe this story was updated! I'm SO happy, thank you so much for publishing chapter 4!

As always, your imagery is fantastic and I loved every description - Hatate sure lives in luxury! The perks of being a Noble family's daughter. The paper lanterns on the outside, the corridor, the bathroom... I really felt as if I was visiting a rich acquaintance, haha.

I really like how you write Aya - proud, a little self-righteous in her own way and very curious and willing to get to the bottom of things that puzzle her. Actually, seeing her portrayed like that is quite refreshing and truer to her canon self, in contrast to the one-note ~smug bully "characterization" people tend to give her when writing her interactions with Hatate. In fact, it reminds me of her appearances in Forbidden Scrollery. So, thank you!

Another thing that stood out to me was the part where the reporters are arguing in front of Hatate's house and Hatate got anxious because of the unwanted attention they were attracting. See, everyone tends to let the 'probably socially anxious' part of her eclipse the rest of her optimistic, bright personality and make her into an eternally depressed wuss, but... you integrated both her cheerfulness and her anxiety! Overall, I liked Hatate's soft but assertive demeanor. Maybe the only complaint I have is that in my opinion, she'd drop her 'being a noble family's daughter' pretense around Aya and address her like she does in DS: no honorifics and, like, totally gyaru-ed speech. Though I completely understand that you included it to show that she holds Aya in high esteem! Ahhh, that confession was super sweet!

Again, thanks for writing. You've made my day! I look forward to the next chapter. Please update soon!
5/9/2018 c3 Hyn
This is so good! I especially loved the look into Aya's background you gave on chapter 1 and I can't stop smiling as I imagine the trees where tengu live. Such a wonderful, fairy-tale-like image!

In general, I like this fic very much because it includes lots of ideas I personally have about them (like Hatate being from a nice uppity family, the nature of their relationship, Momiji's reasons for disliking Aya, etc). And it's very well put together! Thank you so much for writing it.

I don't know if you're still around as this was last updated over two years ago, but there's nothing I'd love more than seeing the next chapter! I have so many questions about everything, lol. I'd be thrilled to know what were Hatate's intentions and what Aya decides to do.
3/8/2018 c3 20ColdGoldLazarus
This is pretty intriguing; looking forward to seeing where this goes.
3/19/2016 c3 Nyx Sigma ZERO
I was still in the doubt if Hatate's info was true or not, and I'm still very much in the dark as to why she did what she did, but I'm still interested as hell to know!

And I really liked Hina's part, as well as her in general, this strikes me as her being very much cannon, the quality of you work always impresses me.
2/2/2016 c2 Supah Unicorn
Hey there, nice chapter! Please keep wiriting, I want to know what is inside the cave and what Hatate and Momiji had planned for Aya.

Great job!
2/1/2016 c2 Nyx Sigma ZERO
Interesting reading Aya interating with other characters, I'm impressed by the interpretation of the charatcers you make, pretty much cannon to me, Kanako's teasing was getting evem me riled up haha! Liked that, this whole thing with Hatate and this info about Hina having a Shrine is getting much more complex than I though, she did think things throughouly yeah? Great Job here
1/31/2016 c2 Trisoft
Hhmmm, just what is Hatate and Momiji up to I wonder? Thanks for the update.
12/30/2015 c1 2Gunre The Swedish Spartan
I feel like you could probably continue this story, but at the same time it works as a one shot. Overall it's very well written and captures their characters well, good job.
11/3/2015 c1 Nyx Sigma ZERO
You gave Aya an interesting backstory, and it seems that shes in Hatate's head quite a bit lately hnm~ let's see where this goes.

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