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for The Force of Fire

6/10 c6 grjcapili2005
Thanks for updating please continue this is really good
4/23 c1 asiangiy
Please update this
3/31 c6 Son of Vesta 16
Great story so far. Love it!
Plz update?
3/28 c1 Guest
3/25 c6 Guest
Hey man awesome work. Would it be alright if we see how Olympus and Camp Half Blood are doing? I imagine not well. HA HA
3/4 c6 Exodus12345
I like this so far. But one thing I kind of have a problem with is Percy should be way stronger than these people. He fought a literal God Of War and won. He fought multiple Titans and the King of the Titans and won all of those fights. I just can't really see a Jedi or even several matching a God or a Titan. I mean sure there are the occasional monsters that defy that rule, mostly from the Dark side, but those are rare and far inbetween. Anyway please do not kill off Qui-Gon. I really liked him and thought it was a shame for a man like him to die.
2/10 c6 Guest
And we will never know what it is
2/6 c1 phoenixonfire02
Awesome concept, looking forward to the next chapter!
1/31 c1 RebelQueen99
Please update soon it’s really good
1/29 c6 DamonMaddox
So happy to find a good story to read, so sad to finish reading what was available. Perils of a fanfic reader.
1/26 c4 BoredKing
What happened to Percy's Achille's Curse? That plus his fire immunity should make blaster fire useless against him?

Padme's reaction to Percy being shot doesn't really fit since we've seen nothing of what he has done since arriving in the SW universe. This was literally the first time we have seen him do anything dangerous and considering the situation it was a stupid, by justifiable corse of action.

Honestly this story just feels like its missing a huge chunk, far too much for flashbacks to work.
1/25 c6 Wishfull-star
That was a wonderful chapter and I can't wait for whatever happens next stay safe:)
1/25 c6 Dylan-A-Friend
1/25 c6 toile grant
1/25 c6 14thunderofdeath97
was waiting for this for a while, lol
also dammit obi wan you little unthinking moron
hm sith jar jar? sounds interesting
just a curious thought, but is it going to be only percy/padme? just thought it would be amusing to see padme get jealous of other girls flirting with percy lol

i wonder how the pjo world is doing now that percy is no longer there
maybe you could show a chapter or two there, to show how percy's "death" affects that world
maybe rhea could storm up to olympus and berate zeus, hera, and poseidon? lol
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