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5/1/2017 c7 Nehnah14
May I suggest a beta to help rework this so that you have the story flow better?
Your punctuation and grammer is awful and needs a complete does your spelling. Text speak should never be used in a story or essay. The word thru should be spelt in its full form for should read 'through'.
The premise is good but the delivery is lacking. I am sorry to bear the bad news but I am also hoping that you will take this down and improve it because I would be so happy to read it when it makes sense on what is a sentence and what is speech. Good luck!
5/1/2017 c30 Guest
I have really enjoyed this story. As a Christian I could see by your references throughout the story that you were too. This is my first review. I really hope you will write many more.
4/28/2017 c29 VryUnique
Great chapter... there can't be that many of a new race coming if only guardian souls are able to have children, which is very rare. It isn't something that is new, it has always been possible and after all this time only one child has been born before the Cullen's children. So it seems the new vampire breed will be started by the Cullens then.
4/28/2017 c28 VryUnique
Can't wait to read about their time with the Volturi.
4/28/2017 c30 Will the Werewolf
great story, keep up the great work.
4/27/2017 c8 5melanieintn
4/26/2017 c7 melanieintn
The explanation was a little too clinical, but informative.
4/26/2017 c6 melanieintn
Great meetings!
4/26/2017 c30 6sweetsouthernsongbird
I really liked this story. It was nice to see Edward as light hearted and optimistic for once. For him to believe that he wasn't evil and be all brooding was different and a welcome change.
4/26/2017 c4 5melanieintn
4/26/2017 c3 melanieintn
4/26/2017 c2 melanieintn
Glad she got to keep her son.
4/26/2017 c1 melanieintn
I liked you made Edward older. I would hate repeating high school forever.
4/3/2017 c28 Will the Werewolf
nice update
3/29/2017 c27 Will the Werewolf
nice updates
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