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for Ragnarok (Sequel to And The Quest)

4/5/2020 c51 19Hiei's Curry
"Being lucky is my superpower" start waving the death flags.
10/28/2019 c50 TAE
I really hope you have the rest of this somewhere. It's really good, and I want the rest of it, please.
1/19/2019 c47 4CHParker201
Love this trilogy you created! I’m so glad people are continuing the show in their own way. Keep up the amazing work! Can’t wait for the next chapter!
1/1/2019 c47 5Notary Sojac
I'm really glad to see this fic updating again! This seemed like a pretty good chapter, and all these preparations are getting me excited to actually see the final battle. (Even if I know someone will probably die. And I think it will probably be Flynn.)
12/31/2016 c40 67aqaws321
This story is amazing. Any chance of an update soon?
10/21/2016 c40 5Notary Sojac
This is one of my favorite Librarians stories on here! I love the amount of research you put into it. It really makes the flavor seem similar to what I like about the show, and I also like the little tidbits of mythology I learn from it. You also have the characters down really well. I'm really worried about Jenkins right now (If he's not already basically dead due to the stunt he pulled last episode), as I've been noticing foreshadowing for him dying since a line in the first story in the series (Can't remember which line, but I definitely remember seeing it), and you said that someone wasn't going to make it out of the story. (On an unrelated note, I'm also a bit worried about Flynn, due to your comment about happy couples and the fact that Flynn and Eve seem to have been the couple with the least drama through all of your stories.) I can't wait to read more!
8/1/2016 c40 Guest
Love this story! One of my absolute favorites!
8/1/2016 c40 26lakariana
The end was so creepy, good job. Looking forward to the confrontation.
7/31/2016 c40 13shyvioletgirl
I think da Vinci is solely underestimating Cassandra! You'd think with the amount of time he's spent in the Library he'd have gotten a better grasp on all of them. He's not gonna know what hit him when she kicks his butt! (At least that's what I'm hoping happens!)

I really love that every one seems to underestimate Ezekiel & his awesome skill set. I love when he gets a chance to save the day & be the hero.

Looking forward to the next chapter (Though I'm not sure I can wait patiently)
6/12/2016 c39 shyvioletgirl
My heart is breaking for Ezekiel! He'said being pulled in so many different directions.

I like that Jacob wants to know how Everything can be so calm because he wants someone else to feel just as lost as he does.

I've had a feeling for a little while that da Vinci might be bad news.
6/11/2016 c38 shyvioletgirl
I have a feeling I'm going to be on pins & needles for the rest of this story! I cannot wait to read the next chapter! I feel like so much is about to happen & I'm anxious to know the fates of everyone!
6/11/2016 c37 shyvioletgirl
I love Charlene's nicknames for the guys!

Glad that Jacob & Cassandra are finding their way back to each other. The little bit of banter regarding all her female admirers is just perfect!
5/30/2016 c38 26lakariana
Every chapter is full of highs and lows with you! I know Ezekiel is doing some essential growing right now, but I feel his pain. Glad Jenkins has calmed down some and I'm looking forward to finding out what's happened to cassie.
5/28/2016 c37 lakariana
Poor Ezekiel stuck as a fifth wheel, no wonder he misses Jenkins ;) I liked Flynn's bit of introspection.
5/8/2016 c36 lakariana
Aw Ezekiel and Jenkins continue to understand each other despite both being out of sorts. Wish Flynn would stay in one place for a moment, but I thought that watching the show. Looking forward to the fight against Jenkins.
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