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for Child of the Volcano Book 1: The Son of Neptune

8/15/2020 c9 Ag98
Me agrada tu historia Naruto usará jutsus en un futuro cercano la verdad lo de Reyna cazadora de Artemisa me pareció un desperdicio ella se merecía más la verdad la caza se volvió un basurero parapersonajes que Riordan no sabe que hacer con ellos
6/3/2020 c14 4Monster King
Awesomeness continue please
3/26/2020 c14 2luke.rust.9
When are u going to continue this story
11/12/2019 c14 Chue19
Hope u continue writing this story it's great but I hope they aren't able to kidnap Naruto and that he beats there ass.
1/22/2019 c14 oddfather
I dunno how i feel about naruto losing to the amazons with all his buffs but handing the rest of the demigods their collective asses. Your naruto seems to be following the superman strategy of shitty against one enemy but OG tier against another. It'd be nice to set a benchmark for him, either he's good or he's not, amazon's have no special blessing in the books or the folklore, just talented mortals thats about it. Demigods should be on their level with ease.
7/9/2018 c14 phhht
reyna the betrayer she has now betrayed both her friends ... what are you thinking
7/8/2018 c14 Guest
Please continue this story.
7/8/2018 c14 Uchiha Naruto
Naruto is pathetically weak ... he seems to be just a minor character, lacking in brilliance and prominence. The shinobi of Naruto's caliber, Sasuke and Kakashi are at the level of the titans in a matter of power ... demigods are far below the scale of the Shinobi and Kunoichi of Naruto. Besides, Naruto chose the worst girl to have as a girlfriend (Reyna knew about Uzumaki's feelings, and yet she agreed to have a romantic relationship with Jason). Naruto would be better off dating Piper, Clarisse, Thalia, or some Goddess. Hell, a harem would be a better choice than Reyna ... Jason and Percy are standing out more than Naruto in this story, hahahahahaha
7/8/2018 c14 Guest
Then you will go with Naruto vs. Reyna for pairing. I quit! Naruto in this story is second wheel, second choice and in the end, Jason will always have room inside the heart of Reyna. Worst Naruto protagonist I ever read in a crossover story between Naruto / Percy Jackson. Naruto Cuck!
7/9/2018 c14 The Infinate
Great story, I’m really glad you didn’t abandon it. Keep up the great work
6/9/2018 c13 1NovaVoid
plz update soon
4/5/2018 c3 Guest
You do know zues didn’t need the master bolt to make lightening, it just makes really powerful highly concreted bolts of lighting that would be difficult for even zues.
11/19/2017 c13 Bob
Update your story soon please
8/9/2017 c13 Black
Update your story soon please
7/13/2017 c13 Black
Super good story update your story soon please
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