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for The Peasant and The Prince

4/3/2016 c12 2CuteFoxSage-NightShadeOwl
OMG! I love this story completely! Please update soon I need to know what happens next!
3/29/2016 c12 8PsychicEevee0103
*grits teeth angrily at that bastard Marrowak* :(
It's been a while, how've you been? :)
12/30/2015 c11 Guest
:(( please update! This chapter was short
12/21/2015 c11 PsychicEevee0103
Are we gonna see a tournament soon? Or will Damian be unable to afford it? Either way, it'll be fun to read the time leading up to the tournament, as well as the tournament itself!
11/5/2015 c10 LucarioKing1008
really? cliff hanger?
11/4/2015 c10 14Captain Comet
Nice. Also, (not to act like a dick) but Kecleon is spelled with a C instead of another K.
11/4/2015 c10 8PsychicEevee0103
You torture me with that exchange about Travis and that cliffhanger.
10/4/2015 c9 PsychicEevee0103
That's so sweet and adorable. I'm glad I decided to read it before bed instead of having yup wait probably more than 12 hours until school's done tomorrow, well technically later today but that's besides the point.
10/4/2015 c9 4Monpoke
trolling me these really , really went up the chapter on the same day to leave that comment.
10/4/2015 c1 Monpoke
Ya volvieron las actualizaciones poco frecuentes,pero ya estoy acostumbrado .Voy a esperar tranquilo el siguiente.
9/21/2015 c8 LucarioKing1008
MORE CHAPTERS NEEDED! Lol, i really like this story, and cant wait till the next chapter.
9/19/2015 c8 Monpoke
I wish I had parents like :-(
9/19/2015 c8 Leaf of Forest Energy
XD I gonna repeat it again, Slow down! Go through your first draft a few times with a fine-tooth comb before you post! I am really enjoying this though—I've always had a soft spot for loving family scenes (Hence my high desire for a new chapter in Lucario's Gift, hint hint ;P).
And on the subject, a chapter of normal situations and little main conflict development can be very important to a story. One of my pet peeves is character development, and I often set aside large portions of my stories to just normal occurrences in the need for some detailed explanations on how the characters' minds work. This could be a good option for Lucario's Gift.
9/18/2015 c7 14Captain Comet
Touching. And I can't help but notice, all but three or four characters you mentioned are Unova Pokemon, the exceptions being Damian, Combusken and Dusknoir (And maybe the first guy of the three Damian was supposed to fight. I can't remember what it was.) The guards are all Pawniards or Bisharp, The King and Prince are Zoroark and Zorua, respectively, Shema is a Mienshao, and Osha is obviously an Oshawott. Is it just coincidence, or do you like the Unova Pokemon the most? I do. Stunfisk is funny.
9/18/2015 c8 8PsychicEevee0103
Damian, if you're a slacker I'm popular with a ton of friends. And I know all of two people at my school.
And wow, I'm lucky I saw this because it's not everyday you see a double update on such a good story right before bed!
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