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9/21 c13 orgnizcoch
6 years late to reading this. I’m relatively new to fanfic; just started during the pandemic. Somehow stumbled on to one of your stories & am going through all your published pieces. You have a beautiful style. Love how you capture these characters. Probably was amazing & frustrating, and all the emotions writing about them when the show was currently running. I have the opportunity to read the fics years after & see how spot on fanfic writers were to the actual story progression. You did a fabulous job! Thank you for sharing!
6/9 c1 j
Loooooved this! omg i really liked your concept/interpretation - harvey thinking that donna is not a damsel in distress because she is actually the one who had saved harvey from the monsters inside of him thank you for this!
3/13 c13 Sandra Hauer
Great story!
2/26 c13 2sgxrafferty
this was perfect!
2/9 c13 2Adrift-Writer
This was great! you really grasped their banter . nicely written
10/24/2020 c13 Issy-w
So cute, love Jason’s character (the jokes he’d make at the wedding now they’re together )
11/19/2019 c13 babzfgm
I loved loved loved loved loooooved this story
11/19/2019 c10 babzfgm
God. That one hurt.
11/19/2019 c9 babzfgm
Jason has to be my favorite person ever
11/19/2019 c5 babzfgm
that’s beautiful, can he tell that story to strawberry blonde babies already?
11/19/2019 c4 babzfgm
I’m loving every single bit of this story I swear.
11/19/2019 c3 babzfgm
8/12/2019 c13 Guest
Yoooo I just read this fic all at once I loved it ! So deliciously angsty, like angsty angsty and it hurt me to my core but I would ask for it anytime This was incredibly well writte from beginning to end, wow
4/25/2019 c13 Guest
OMG love this fic soooooo much please don't end here write more!
4/25/2019 c3 1iz859
love this!
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