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for The bear and the maiden fair

6/13/2016 c2 9fireman23
Another great story of yours!
The story with Rollo kissing the Emperor's foot is one of my favourite tales about the vikings... and it fits perfectly to the show - you really did a great job with this chapter!
4/27/2016 c11 RolloxGisla
OMG! You made my day, I just finished watching the Vikings season 4. I am so broken hearted, i cant get enough of Rollo and Gisla. Kudos to you, I hope there's more RolloxGisla stories to be continued. I will definitely be waiting for the next part of this story!. The part where Rollo and Ragnar didnt battle and made an agreement instead, i loved it. I dig this story, keep it up!
11/11/2015 c11 renata.deoliveirasena
I'm so in love with this couple, and now they are parents of a little wolf. I adore how Rollo finally put Charles and Odo in their places. Gisla admitting her love for her husband is so good to see. Please keep write. I wanna see baby Guillaume growing and Gerlaugh/Adele comes to family.
10/30/2015 c9 renata.deoliveirasena
Rollo needs back soon. For me Lagertha knows whats really happening. I mean, she knows Gisla ordered Marie poisoning Bjorn. The question is: whats is the next step? I'm afraid for Gisla. The conflict between her and Ragnar's son is so evident. Rollo will forgive her? Maybe not so easily. Please update soon.
10/22/2015 c8 renata.deoliveirasena
So good see Gisla more lovely with Rollo. And he protecting her. I'm so exciting with imminent birth of the child. Great battle, the brothers fighting side by side and Rollo in mode Bersercker. The chapter of Gisla seems like dangerous for her. Please update soon. Congratulations for the fic. It's amazing.
10/15/2015 c7 renata.deoliveirasena
So good to see Ragnar and Rollo finally talking and understand each other. The king Charles really send this order for Gisla? If this is true, the king wants Ragnar dead? Or another person? I'm so curious. Great chapter. Rollo e Gisla acting like partners, but the secret can destroy the love in development.
10/15/2015 c7 hellsbellsmarin
Hate to tell you, the Vikings had pretty dim view of women too. Lagertha is not accepted as a ruler. Also Thiri was forced to marry a man. Rape is a regular thing in Viking land. So in that respect,Vikingland and Frankia are about the same.
10/14/2015 c7 2SilentReader97
Good story, i just expect to see soon how Gisla starts falling in love with Rollo
10/13/2015 c6 renata.deoliveirasena
Great chat and agreement between the brothers. Bjorn acting like an idiot with a pregnant woman. Thanks God Rollo comes to protect his wife. Please update soon. Your job is breathtaking.
9/21/2015 c3 3Roheline
I like the fact that you don't shy away from writing battle scenes. I find those quite a challenge. Also,Rollo opening up about Siggy's death is good character development. The story is shaping up nicely.
9/12/2015 c2 Roheline
Ohh, Gisla is harsh. As I think she'll be (at first) on the show.
Also I love the way you incorporated the story with the king fallen on his back.
"No more, no less. No inn" - no way I could stop laughing :))
Update soon.
8/27/2015 c1 Roheline
Hello there!
I enjoined your chapter and I think you should continue. You set your characters very well, the dialog is fluid enough and I hope to see some plot developments in the next chapter. Once again, well done.

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