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for A Bunny Is Replacing Me?

7/28/2018 c2 23Mel Writer
ending 3 is the best one!
1/16/2018 c1 nyuh98
OMFG they killed him! (O-o)
8/16/2017 c2 Candy Penguin
This was cute and funny! XD Hmm, that rabbit sure reminds me a lot of Gokudera... XD
1/15/2017 c2 3why-I-L0v3-801
Omg the second ending was perfect so cute hahaha had me laughing too
9/12/2015 c2 copycat2700
Ahahaha! Omg! ! the first and last endings were my favorite
9/6/2015 c2 kyoneko87
How about the rabbit develops feelings for Jirou and starts stalking/chasing him around
8/31/2015 c2 5Chiyozora-Mazura
I love the endings. Ending 2 is my favorite! XD And End 1 and 2 too! :D
8/27/2015 c1 Random Reviewer
Seriously! Why did you keep me hanging?! I want to know what happened to that rabbit. Is it gory? Is it fluffy? Is it just so damn cute, nosebleed actually spurted everywhere? I want to know, Author-san.
8/27/2015 c1 yuna
don't tell me the usagi are being eat by jiro ha2..
8/27/2015 c2 12To The EXTREME KHR EnmaFan
Kyaa~! A jealous Yama-San is so cute! And I love the 3rd ending! I started cracking up in the middle of watching tv and my parents looked at me as if I had gone crazy! XD
8/27/2015 c1 4Narqissa
aww~ why only foreplay~? #smacked

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