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10/5/2015 c15 Dforce76
I'm happy for Eren, but feel bad for his other kids. Morrigan mentioned that some of the eluvians at the crossroads lead to other worlds. Perhaps ours?
10/2/2015 c14 2Chimera Spyke
Once more, into the breech. Into the darkness of those roads, the dark roads of Thedas. These stories bridge the gaps in time. I look forward to seeing more.
9/30/2015 c13 ThelonewolfNT
Not a chantry fan as how they think there shit don't stink. And the Orlsians are just the Tevinters of the sun of ass hat faces of snootiness. Not happy at what happened with Talen's Lili, with the chantry. Templars, Chantry and their hole depress the elves can just eat dren with the taint in their cakes.

Great story again my friend.
9/30/2015 c13 Chimera Spyke
Still filled with girlish charm, not the cold calculating war machine she is in Inquisition. My how the world changes.
9/30/2015 c13 Dforce76
Good for Talen. I got to see more of Leliana, too. Bonus!
9/29/2015 c12 Dforce76
I am digging this. Thanks for the fun story.
9/29/2015 c12 Chimera Spyke
I wonder what he'll do or say to her when he finds her? Where will his passion lead?
9/28/2015 c11 Dforce76
Great horror ending. I wonder how Shale became aware. I don't know if it's mentioned in any of the books. Perhaps it was the Mage from the first book. Too bad about Derek's golem. I don't want it to end! Thanks. Do you want to do any stories covering Wynne's or Leliana's activities?
9/27/2015 c11 Chimera Spyke
... Oh hell. They're loose in the Deep Roads. This is going to be fun.
9/26/2015 c11 ThelonewolfNT
This dlc was one of the most brutal of all dragon age ones, when I played it. RUN DEREK RUN!
9/24/2015 c10 Chimera Spyke
Ah good times, killing tainted monsters with fire and ice. It's good to see some of the gang back together but the whole group needs a reunion.

Oh well, these short chapters are brilliant. Good job.
9/24/2015 c10 Dforce76
I love Shale. I can hear her gravelly voice as I read. I love it. I wonder if this group will bump into Derek's. Wynne is back. I wonder if she's met her son, yet.
9/18/2015 c9 Chimera Spyke
To Kaddesh taig then. Shale will remember, possibly even want to find a way to return to her old body... Or at least flesh and blood again. Hmm... Perhaps Nevara would be a good stopping point for that.

Anyhow, short chapter but excellent content.
9/17/2015 c8 WardenMahariel
When next chapter?
9/11/2015 c8 Dforce76
Derek is awesome. I'm worried for him, though. That DLC was hard! Hopefully he can keep the golem.
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