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for Little Hermione

1/19 c19 1Lyra Cassiopeia black
ooooh whens the next update plllease
1/18 c19 JuhSnape
I feel completely in love and involved with this fic, I long for more, I need more chapters ! hehe
Congratulations on the excellent work.
A big hug,
Julia Spellmann
1/18 c1 1999Lyssa
please continue I love this story
1/16 c19 fairytalebliss182
I recently came across this story and enjoyed it so much that I read it in a day. I love how special young Hermoine is and that she seems to fill holes and gaps that people have in their lives. I know that she’ll eventually have to return to her correct age but I hope that all of these relationships that she has created and been a part of will adjust enough that they don’t lose too much. I mean, in the case of Sirius and Remus they could still be her guardians since she won’t be of age when she turns back and she thankfully won’t have her parents in her life anymore. I’m very curious as to how she was able to save Mr. Weasley too...
1/11 c19 Guest
Pls update soon
1/10 c14 Odessa TX
Tu Mera Yaar ki ye de no da Vinci
1/11 c19 6starlite22
Will Hermione ever go back to her rightful age. He having to go to school workout Harry and Ron would be very unfair
1/11 c17 starlite22
What happened to her toy dragon
1/11 c14 starlite22
Whose this Teresa?
1/5 c19 Guest
Loved that Hermione tried to make Sirius feel better by talking about dragons lol and I’m glad she interacted with Charlie! I am curious how/why she was able to cure me. Weasely. She has always been powerful. I wonder if her tense abusive household and then the bullying at school led her to suppress a lot of her power. Or if the deaging has unlocked some powers she hadn’t been aware of. I am eager to see everyones (especially Remus, Sirius and Severus’) reaction to Hermione healing mr. weasely!
1/6 c19 LadyQuinzel
Omw... What a cliffhanger. I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone's reactions to this miraculous act of Hermione.
1/6 c15 LadyQuinzel
It's not calles Occlumency. That's the art of blocking your mind from outside influence.

I think you mean Legilimency. That's the art of looking into someone's mind and searching their memories.
1/6 c19 mistyleo19
I was so scared for Mr. Weasley. Lovely story BTW would severus grow to care deeply for hermione which will later bloom into romance? What will happen next? I'm so desperately waiting for your update .
1/4 c19 Trou Noir
Wow. This story is just incredible. I absolutely love Hermione and how she interacts with the other characters especially Sirius and Remus. I would never have imagined that Hermione could have a background such as this but it fits seamlessly. I understand how it must be hard writing and fitting in life but this story is just so incredible that have to ask if you could please post another chapter. I really can’t wait!
1/3 c19 L
Ahhhh. I can’t wait for the next chapter. I love this story!
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