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10/10 c13 Guest
Some ballet/ballerina dancers have friends, whereas, others are loners.
10/9 c13 Guest
Body shaming other people/those who're less thin's horrible, however, otherwise, Sandra neither sounds nor looks like a professional ballerina dancer, she has as much as grace as Paris has. Which sounds like no one ever has told her yet she's not good and she had the money to keep doing it. Which reminds me of Jo in the newest 2019 version of Little Women except there I thought it was out of character because there is no way Jo wasn't criticized countless time before.
10/2 c13 Guest
Rory and the Ballerina

This particularly interaction has a reddit thread of discussion. In Season 4, Rory has an assignment for the Yale Daily News reviewing a ballet performance. She is pressured to make sure she doesn't hold back on her opinion, and she makes sure to give it all. While she does critique the actual performance, she also has choice words for the ballerina's appearance, including some discussion of the roll of fat around her bra strap. Which is petty, cruel, and hard to watch.

Whenever Sandra, the ballerina dancer who's from the ballet, confronts her, I'm inclined to agree with her anger.
9/26 c13 Guest
In the episode "Jerk" Rory's tasked with writing a review of a recital for the Yale Daily News, but it doesn't get published, and when she asks the paper’s editor why he tells her that her writing was "a bit of a yawn." She rewrites it and is told once again that it's not good, and that he can't tell what she really thought about the performance. She's told to rewrite it another time and attends the recital again to further form her opinion. This time, Lorelai attends it with her, and this performance proves to be worse than the last, something both Lorelai and Rory agree on.

So Rory gives it a bad review and this time her piece is accepted and published, no harm, no foul, right? We all have different tastes, and perhaps it really wasn’t a bad performance. Her dislike of it isn't the problem here, it’s her comments towards the ballerina. Rather than just leaving it at critiquing the performance and overall recital, Rory makes some major digs at the ballerina’s appearance. She compares the ballerina to a hippo, writes that she has the grace of a drunken dockworker, and even adds in Lorelai's comment about a roll of fat around her bra strap. When she's (rightfully) confronted by Sandra, the ballerina who's from the ballet, she tries to defend her words as part of her job as a journalist, but nowhere in the job description does it say body-shaming is okay.

Rory BodyShamed/FatShamed/WeightShamed Sandra, the Ballerina Who's From The Ballet Which Is Just Plain Cruel

When she pouts to her mom about the encounter, even Lorelai says that Rory was too harsh, something Rory continues to defend as being what she was told to do. She even defends her body-shaming/fat-shaming/weight-shaming by saying that it's a critique of the costumer, quickly following it up by saying the costumer should've put her in a bigger leotard. Which is such a needlessly cruel review. She very well could've written her honest opinion on the recital without the body-shaming/fat-shaming/weight-shaming comments, not only are they just plain mean, but the ballerina's appearance doesn't have anything to do with the quality of the recital.

Not to mention this was one of Rory's tryout articles. She explains during a Friday night dinner that in order to join the staff you have to write a piece for each section of the paper. Not that this kind of review would be okay even for a seasoned writer, but it's certainly not a good first impression. And, to top it all off, the recital closed early due to Rory's review.
9/24 c13 Guest
Rory arrives at her suite and discovers that someone has written, "Jerk" on her message board.

A guy approaches Rory in the Yale dining hall and tells her that someone is looking for her. Another girl says she’s brave and warns her to beware of the sound of rustling tulle approaching her. Another girl named Sandra comes over and Rory realizes that she's the ballerina she wrote bad things about in her ballet review. She also realizes the fact that Sandra was the one who wrote "Jerk" on her door. Sandra is upset with what Rory said about her; Rory tells her that she was just doing her job. She tries to convince her that not many people will read the review anyway since most people don't like ballet. Sandra asks how much experience Rory has with ballet. Rory has little, so Sandra tells her how hard she’s been working. She calls Rory a jerk a few more times and Paris overhears, noting that Rory was the target of the message. “The strike is off. Stand down,” she says into her cell phone.
9/24 c13 Guest
Recap / Gilmore Girls S 04 E 08


Rory is trying to get on the Yale Daily News. Sookie is a new mother who doesn't take maternity leave as Lorelai and Michel can come to her house for meetings. Mrs. Kim weirds Lane out by wanting to gift Dave a jug that she once told Lane was a marriage jug, but it turns out she only said that to make Lane stop crying. Luke and Nicole put their divorce on hold and are dating again.

Maid of the week: Cora.


Accidental Misnaming: When introduced to Jason, Rory forgets his Embarrassing Nickname Digger, and calls him Scooper.

Actually Pretty Funny: After Lorelai tells Rory that her review is too mean, Richard and Emily tells her the review was really funny, especially the part expressing regret that evolution caused man to stand on two legs because it led to this night.

Backhanded Compliment: Doyle tells Rory her piece isn't good, but that it's definitely not for lack of trying.
Blatant Lies: Lorelai claims she likes Nicole. Luke claims that Nicole likes Lorelai. He even adds that she likes her "fine". No one is convinced.

Brutal Honesty:

It is very emotionally exhausting for Rory to be this. She wants to recant her review of a ballet and apologize to the ballerina whose feelings were hurt by the review.

Lorelai informs Luke that his new coffee pots look stupid.

Calling Me a Logarithm: You better not try to "google" Emily.

Can't Take Criticism: The ballerina who can't handle a negative review.

Child Hater: Michel claims not to know how he feels about babies, never having been near one in his thirty-something years. After Bruce expresses her disapproval of baby language he calls all his friends and tells them to stop talking to their babies.

Childhood Brain Damage: Bruce feels that talking baby language to Davey even once will stunt his development.

Comically Missing the Point:

Michel does this deliberately. When he learns Bruce's policy against baby talk, he calls all his friends with babies and tells them to stop talking to their babies. Not just baby talk, but in general.
When she learns that her daughter thought the jug was a marriage jug, Mrs. Kim says they can make it a marriage jug, whatever that is.

Continuity Nod: In the first couple of seasons it was occasionally mentioned that Rory went to Miss Patty's ballet school when she was younger. This episode she mentions it again whenever she's confronted by the ballerina.

Digging Yourself Deeper: Confronted by a ballerina she has reviewed, Rory comes up with reason after reason not to be upset, such as "not many read the reviews anyway" and "most people don't even care about ballet".

Dramatically Missing the Point: Lane thinks a regular jug that Mrs. Kim owns is a marriage jug and that she wants to send it to Dave to announce their nonexistent engagement, so technically Lane misses the point, although she thinks it's Mrs. Kim missing the point for thinking she and Dave are serious enough to consider marriage.

Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Rory's coverage of the lacrosse match made Lorelai almost give a flying you-know-what about lacrosse.

Grammar Nazi: Rory doesn't let being yelled at by a ballerina who's mad at her distract her from pointing out that an equivalence is different from a comparison.
Literal-Minded: Mrs. Kim doesn't believe that Lane can't send Dave the jug, since she showed her how to use the bubble wrap.


Lane sugests Rory kick her editor where the sun don't shine.
Michel feels like Rosa Parks when banished to the porch. While Parks is, in a sense, famous for sitting, she was not banished to the front of that bus.

One Drink Will Kill the Baby: Sookie doesn't drink while breastfeeding.

O.O.C. Is Serious Business: It bothers Lorelai that there is no one she and Rory are supposed to be mad at at the moment.

Lorelai: We're always mad at someone.

Product Placement: According to Emily, Portofino is a good place for business dinners. The Mill on the River is apparently quite a romantic place.

Rule of Three: Subverted by Doyle. When there's three of something, he always forgets the third one. He thinks it's a statistical thing.

Running Gag: Rory comparing Sandra the ballerina to a hippo is the thing that really sticks with people.


One sneeze, and Michel is Rosa Parks having to sit on the porch during a business meeting.

Rory takes Lorelai to a college production of The Nutcracker so she can write a review about it.

Lorelai thinks it would make Vincent Gallo feel better about The Brown Bunny.

Paris feels that the best way to respond to threats written on your door is going full Ariel Sharon.

Paris feels that Rory pissing someone off is as unlikely as Dorothy pissing off the Tinman.

Lorelai points out the irony in Al Capone going to prison for tax evasion.

Rory claims that it's Avril Lavigne's world and we're just living in it.

Getting harangued by an incensed ballerina is a Salvador Dalí kind of surreal, according to Rory.

Rory pitches her idea for an interest piece about the ballerina as "8 Mile meets Fame".

Rory reviews a production of Michael Row The Boat Ashore.

Stalker Without A Crush: Discussed. Rory thinks it's a bit stalkery of Lorelai to claim whoever is in Luke's life is in her life, but Lorelai backpedals to "we're a small, close-knit community".

Stealth Insult:

Doyle assures Rory that the badness of her writing is definitely not for lack of trying.

Everything Lorelai says about the ballet she and Rory are watching.

Lorelai: She recovered quickly.

Take That!: Emily feels you can save yourself a trip to Atlantic City by dumping your trashcan on your porch and walking up and down it.

Technologically Blind Elders:

Richard is amazed that wireless internet works in his entire house.

Emily thinks the whole "finding people in cyberspace" thing sounds absurd.

Technophobia: Discussed at the dinner table. Rory does research on the internet when she can't get to the library. Lorelai argues that the internet is good for shopping, even though you miss out on the social aspect of shopping; but then she realizes that she rarely remembers to return clothes, and starts to doubt.

Title Drop: An incensed ballerina writes ", jerk!" on Rory's doorm room door. She also says it aloud when confronting Rory in the cafeteria.

Sandra: Bye jerk!

Verbal Backspace: Lorelai jokingly discusses peace in the Middle East with Davey, but when she realizes midwife Bruce is glaring at her she pretends she was talking to Sookie about work.

Your Approval Fills Me with Shame: Dave gets upset at hearing that Mrs. Kim approves of him to the extent that she'd let him and Lane get married, a thing she specifically prohibited when she approved him taking her to prom. (She wasn't, but that's not the point.)
9/1 c13 Guest
Rory calls a ballerina a whale for not being skinny enough. Viewers know the fact that this is humorless and hurtful.
9/1 c13 Guest
Gigi Hayden inquired by asking Sandra, the lead ballerina who's from the ballet, "You know my only much older non-identical twin paternal half-siblings, Riley Hayden from Boston and Rory Gilmore from Stars Hallow? You know only one much older non-identical twin paternal half-brother, Riley Hayden from Boston? You know my only one much older non-identical twin paternal half-sister, Rory Gilmore from Stars Hollow?"

Sandra, the lead ballerina who's from the ballet, directly glared at not Gigi, however, the mention of her old former college-mates' names without a word.
9/1 c13 Guest
Sandra, the lead ballerina who's from the ballet, still couldn't believe Rory Gilmore and Riley Hayden are Gigi Hayden's much older fraternal twin paternal half-siblings.

Sandra still couldn't believe Rory Gilmore and Gigi Hayden are only two exact paternal half-sisters who were born to the exact same birth dad, but two exact respective birth moms nor could she still believe Riley and Gigi Hayden are the only two exact paternal half-siblings who were born to the exact same birth dad, but two exact respective birth moms.

Sandra still couldn't believe Rory Gilmore, Riley and Gigi Hayden are only three exact paternal half-siblings who were born to the exact same birth dad, but two exact respective birth moms, either.
9/1 c13 Guest
Gigi corrected Riley and Rory alike as she directly glared at her much older non-identical twin paternal half-siblings disgustingly, "You mean you fat shamed one of the Yale ballerinas."
9/1 c13 Guest
"I can barely believe that my perfect non-identical twin half-siblings, Rory Gilmore and Riley Hayden are such jerks who fat shamed one of the poor, innocent lead ballerinas who's from the ballet, especially poor, innocent ballerinas like you," Gigi had spoken to Sandra, the lead ballerina who's from the ballet in person.
9/1 c13 Guest
Gigi Hayden directly glared at Rory Gilmore and Riley Hayden confrontationally, "You fat shamed another one of your old former college-mates, Sandra, the lead ballerina who's from the ballet. You weight shamed her. Which made her furious. You deserved to earn her wrath because of what you did to her. Which enraged her. And you deserved what you've had gotten. She had done nothing to you to deserve it. She's never ever a fat hippo. Animal comparisons are nothing but insults. If you hadn't fat shamed her, she wouldn't have winded up furious, if you hadn't weight shamed her."
8/28 c13 Guest
Rory arrived at her suite door, which says "Jerk" on it.

RORY: Whoa.

LANE: What?

RORY: Someone wrote something on our door - "Jerk."

LANE: It says "Jerk"?

RORY: It's not coming off.

LANE: Wow. Cool things like that never happen at adventist school.

Paris opened the suite door.

PARIS: Rory.

RORY: Someone wrote "Jerk" on our door.

PARIS: I know. I thought maybe the person who did it was back to make good on the promise.

RORY: Who did this?

PARIS: I don't know, but we've got to find out and strike back hard. Come on, we're assembling inside.

RORY: Lane, I gotta go. We're assembling. Sorry about the jug.

LANE: It's okay. Keep me posted.

RORY: Yeah, you, too. Bye.

PARIS (demandingly asks another collegian/student walking by): What's your business here?

Rory and Paris reentered the common room.

RORY: Fun stuff, huh, guys?

JANET: Yeah, it's ridiculous.

TANNA: I may have been here when it happened.

JANET: And you heard nothing?


PARIS: Way to have that radar up.

RORY: Let's not make each other feel bad.

PARIS: Hey, hug a dolphin another day, all right? We need to rev up the gunships and retaliate before the next strike. We gotta go full-out Sharon.

RORY: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

TANNA: There's gonna be another strike?

PARIS: You wanna wait to find out? Now, first, we should each make a list of the people we've made enemies of, starting with most recent and working our way back.

TANNA: Can't we just let this go?

JANET: It may just be a joke.

PARIS: I'm not laughing. Anyone here laughing?

TANNA: I guess it is vandalism.

PARIS: It's more than that. This is an assault that should be met head-on using extreme prejudice. Now let's face it, I'm the most likely target, so I've already made up a list of enemies, which I've narrowed down from twenty-six to five.

JANET: Just at Yale?

PARIS: Just in this building.

TANNA: Maybe we should move.

PARIS: Retreat? I think not.

JANET: There's a girl on my volleyball team who's livid at me. I kissed her boyfriend.

TANNA: I'm exceedingly dull.

PARIS: Keep her close.

TANNA: What about you?


JANET: Made anyone mad lately?

PARIS: Oh, please, that would be like Dorothy pissing off the Tin Man. It's impossible.

TANNA: I'm not leaving my room.

JANET: I'll keep you posted on my person.

PARIS: And my five are already taken care of.

TANNA: They're taken care of?

PARIS: I got my East Side 860 partners on it. Now let's move.

RORY: Wanna watch tv?

TANNA: Something light.

RORY: I'm with you.
8/28 c13 Guest
Rory called a ballerina fat in an article.

If you have to critique someone's weight to make a point when you're writing an article, you're probably not as good as a journalist you think you are, Rory.

The reason she called her fat in the first place is because Doyle said her review wasn't good enough more than once. So she resorted to just bitching about the ballerina to get Doyle's approval. Because if you didn't know, Rory doesn't take critique well.
8/28 c13 Guest
Rory sat down at the table.

However, another student/collegian/college-girl angrily stormed over towards her.

SANDRA: Rory Gilmore?

RORY: Yeah?

SANDRA: Remember me?

RORY: I don't think so.

SANDRA: That's very flattering.

RORY: Can I help you?

SANDRA: Let's see if this jogs your memory. I have the grace of a drunken dock worker?


SANDRA: Remember me now?

RORY: The ballerina from the ballet.

SANDRA: That's right.

SANDRA: You're a jerk!

RORY: I know. You wrote that on my door.

SANDRA: You're lucky that's all I did!

RORY: Should we go somewhere else?

SANDRA: Your review was mean and petty and despicable!

RORY: Look, Sandra - that's your name, right? Sandra? This was all in the line of duty. It was an assignment from my editor, so it was nothing personal, okay?

SANDRA: You called me a hippo!

RORY: No, I compared you to a hippo, that's not calling you a hippo. And it was a humorous comparison. I was trying to -

SANDRA: To destroy me and my company!

RORY: No, and think about it - I bet that more than likely, very few people will even read the review, and most people aren't even interested in ballet in the first place. It's unfortunate and awful and I hate it, but what can you do? It's Avril Lavigne's world, and we're just living in it. Plus, most people left before the end, and I stuck it out. That's something.

SANDRA: I'm curious. How much ballet experience do you have? You must have a lot since you write about it with such authority.

RORY: Well, none to speak of. I had a few years of beginners' class and I stunk.

SANDRA: Anybody write about it in the paper?

RORY: No. Good point.

SANDRA: I've been dancing three hours a day, seven days a week for fourteen years. I've done two summer sessions with the Miami ballet, and I'm on the waiting list at Juilliard, and now your review is out there for everyone to see!

RORY: Look, I -

SANDRA: You're a jerk! I just wanted to come tell you that to your face! You're a jerk! Bye, jerk.

Sandra stormed off.

PARIS: The door thing was about you?

RORY: Apparently.

PARIS (on cell phone): The strike is off. Stand down. I repeat, stand down.
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