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9/20/2015 c15 1nzlouise
Gaaaah best chapter yet! Excited what's to come
9/20/2015 c15 Droolia
Thank you thank you thank you! Thank you for letting the truth come out finally.! I was going stir crazy this chapter. I wasn't sure it was going to happen In this chapter and I already was planning on my rant for the review, but thank goodness it finally happened. Great job with it. It seemed so natural. Too bad Lorelai was the only one, besides the kids, that was out of the loop. Does it say something g about her and her relationship with her parents since Chris' parents told him? Also, isn't it cool that both parents named their kid after themselves?

I liked that you had Riley come up to the Gilmores, Marty style. It then made it much easier for the elder Haydens to stop on by. Then Chris. Really great job with that.

Can't wait to see Rory's reaction. The kids reaction to meeting their other parent. It makes sense that they grew up believing their other parent abandoned them. Your story gave them a chance to hear about what a wonderful parent they were to their sibling. That they could have been equally wonderful to them.

Now why was Lorelai so dead set on them finding out. I agree with the elders. It was time. Did she and Chris make the decision to never tell them before they split them up? Also, since they were such great parents to their kid, why did they never reach out to get to know the other one?
9/20/2015 c15 JJsMommy27
No now your leaving me in suspense i so can't wait to see how Rory's reaction is going to be and what Lorelai is going to be like now that they told her also amazing chapter by the way loving this story
9/20/2015 c15 1melliegirl13
Why did you have to leave it at that?! I'm so glad that they know but now I have to wait for another chapter for a major Rory/Riley freak out. Plus I'm sure that Lorelai is going to be...well, Lorelai. I love this. I can't wait for more. Keep up the great work :)
9/20/2015 c15 4YaleAceBella12
Please write more...
9/20/2015 c15 3roganjalex
Absolutely amazing can't wait to see what happens next chapter
9/20/2015 c15 hcky202141
Awesome love it! Can't wait for more
9/20/2015 c14 Droolia
Changing it to the Yale Princeton game makes sense. Also, you made the right decision having Emily find out that way. Very natural.
I think they're doing the wrong thing by not informing Lorelai and Christopher first, but oh well. It'll be more interesting this way.
9/20/2015 c13 Droolia
Glad Rory had Riley when the ballerina showed up. Solidarity!
9/20/2015 c9 Droolia
So close, but I still very much enjoyed it even though it was lacking Rory and Riley.
9/20/2015 c8 Droolia
They are so much closer to finding out the truth now. Can't wait! Great date, by the way.
9/19/2015 c5 Droolia
Aww, she feel asleep on him!

No when is Lorelai going to put two and two together?
9/19/2015 c4 Droolia
I'm so excited that the Rory and Tristan saga has officially started. As a side note, you're doing a great job with quality control, timely updates, and story flow/action...especially for a first timer. Have you always been a GG fan? Or did Netflix get you?
9/19/2015 c3 Droolia
Whew! Glad both guys got their second chance. I was worried.
9/19/2015 c2 Droolia
I like how different this story is. That Riley is a boy and that Chris actually raised him. All the other twin stories revolve around the idea that a 16 year old was somehow able to raise two girls on her own. Short of prostitution, I don't think so. I'm so grateful that they didn't end up falling for each other. That would have been one of those train wrecks that you just can't stop watching. And finally! Tristan! While I'm a big Logan fan, in this case, one blond is simply interchangeable for another.
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