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for A Lonely Mother

7/7/2016 c1 Madison04
That was Gr8! I like how you told us the date. Just a little suggestion maybe tell us the date or time. By the way I was just giving a suggestion so don't get offended I like it so far. You're a gr8 writer!
7/5/2016 c19 83LoveShipper
Now that is a proposal to remember, it was really sweet
5/23/2016 c18 LoveShipper
Whew intense side of bullying. Glad Addie didn't die
2/16/2016 c17 GamerGirl9000
Awwwww! Happy birthday, Alec! I agree! If I were you, this would be my best birthday ever as well. Anyways, onto other business, I am so, so, so, sorry that I have not been reviewing for a bit. I was a bit busy with school, and tests. But, I am back now! Happy (belated) St. Valentine's Day. I read ALL the other chapters, and they are awesome! You are one of the most amazing, kind and talented authors ever! (BTW, I am so sorry for the overuse of exclamation marks, I have no explanation, lol.) O, my Disney, this was extremely long-winded, sorry about that. mKay bYE!
2/16/2016 c17 LoveShipper
Officially a family, best birthday ever. But still nice for Addi to think of the present to get her brother
2/7/2016 c16 LoveShipper
Tehehe Austin was in such a hurry to get to Ally that he probably fell down the stairs :)
1/27/2016 c15 Hollyelvira
Looooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeesssssssss iiiiiiiiittttttttt Pppllleeeaaassseee update rrrreeeaaaallllllllyyyy rrrreeeaaaallllllllyyyy sssoooonn
1/27/2016 c9 Hollyelvira
Looooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeesssssssss iiiiiiiiittttttttt
1/16/2016 c15 GamerGirl9000
Happy New Year! Trying SO hard NOT to cry right now! I also thoroughly enjoyed the finale. And BTW, Austin, you're not going crazy! I think so too. Or, wait, maybe we're both going crazy! Scary. mKay bYE!
1/12/2016 c15 butterfly3058
That was good I wish it was longer but it was good hope you update soon
1/12/2016 c15 LoveShipper
So Austin was a witness to Ally's kidnapping, nope he is not crazy
1/12/2016 c15 1Auslly0731
Ooh dramatic!
11/27/2015 c13 GamerGirl9000
WAAAAAAHHHHH! I wanna curl up into a ball on the floor just like Alec, and cry! No problem that it's short, that's okay! I had an awesome Thanksgiving! I am thankful for YOU, author, who writes this story! mKay bYE!
11/27/2015 c13 83LoveShipper
Please be ok Ally. Alec and Austin is counting on you
11/17/2015 c12 GamerGirl9000
WWWHHHOOOAAA! O my God, my heart is racing now! And I am doing a Spanish project-y thingy right now that is ALL about my FAVORITE star (a.k.a. the person that I stalk/ intensely research, a.k.a Laura Marano)! When we got this project, I was so happy, that the teacher asked me if I needed to go outside to compose my self! Anyhoo, I loved the chapter! Can't wait to read more! I hope that you get well soon! And I swear if you say that this is based on a true story, that is going to make it 100 times scarier! mKay bYE!
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