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6/6 c9 HashiraSnow
what a wonderful hell i mean chapter. ara~ if only i could be in it to cut them down myself. hm~~ I wonder what would happen if Bianchi got involved.
4/30 c17 Taiga Hibari
Fran is Awesome! Just as Awesome in this story as another I read where Fran is... Satan!
4/30 c15 Taiga Hibari
Kufufufu Fuuta in a Trolling mood!
4/17 c6 8RenTenTen
lmao Squalo as a librarian. He be the main one yelling! lol
1/23 c17 DreadPirateWombat
I love Fran! He's hilarious.
12/2/2020 c3 Guest
Well, it’s not her fault. We can blame the stupid kids who thought it was a game, and Iemitsu and Reborn, who threw people at Tsuna.

Did Tsuna ever chose someone on her own free will in canon, or was it all arranged by a third party?

It’s not surprising your plot took this turn if we consider how the bonds formed. Tsuna deserves better, obviously, but she should never have trusted those people in the first place.
12/2/2020 c2 Guest
Treason, such a horrible thing.
Tsuna never asked them to get involved, they chose to be part of it, against her advice... her bonds with them were unnatural.

Canon was mostly Reborn throwing people at Tsuna... in real life that would never have worked. Hayato tried to kill him, then next second he is loyal to Tsuna. Who would ever trust that?

Where were Takeshi and Ryohei when Tsuna was being bullied, hurt and humiliated for years? I would never accept nor forgive people who stood aside while I was getting hurt like that. The same applies to arrogant Hana and pretender Kyoko. Why would canon Tsuna accept those people in his life, let alone trust them?

Honestly, I am impressed this didn’t happen in canon.

I confess that your Tsuna is adorable, but kind of emotionally weak if she just stands there and takes abuse. She needs therapy and emotional support, poor darling. She’s too soft for the mafia.
7/20/2020 c25 Guest
I hope you get better! I know I would've been deeply depressed if one of my family members took their own lives. Get better soon!

P.S: I love your fanfiction, I haven't been able to find a fanfiction that interested me so far, this is really good!
7/9/2020 c24 5Lunary
Looking forward to the next steps and chapters.
I hope to read them and to find out how things are going to continue.
I love and adore this story.

Can't wait for more.

5/17/2020 c24 Victoria1676
I really love this story and I hope you update soon!
5/4/2020 c24 3Valen Goncalvez
It was a good chapter, I will look forward to the next update!
3/21/2020 c25 edwardilovebella
Fourth time reading this, and I still love it. I hope you update soon.
2/2/2020 c3 Guest
I can easily see Kyoko and Hana going such a thing to Tsuna... some bonds created in canon seem way too forced and rushed.
2/2/2020 c2 Guest
I could see Hayato, Takeshi, Mukuro and even Ryohei doing this, but not Kyoya. If he had a problem he’d have told his concerns to Tsuna’s face. He’d never go behind her back like that... way out of character to him.
2/1/2020 c6 Amnesia777
Squalo... as a librarian? Pfffft!
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