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2/18/2017 c6 kkkickmeee
Maaaaaaaaaan, i want to know who's the creep in the hood x.x i really thought that was namie's dad tho... Guess i was wrong XD As always, i can't wait for more chapters you'll present :D keep up the good work!
2/15/2017 c5 1Fat Taco
Whoa...this chapter was INTENSE please write moreee! :D
I can't wait to see what happens nextt! :P
1/30/2017 c5 8Chocolatelilac101
1/29/2017 c5 KHSonicFan29
Oh my god it's been so long that I actually forgot this story existed lol. I'm am still loving this so far it's very good
1/29/2017 c5 kkkickmeee
Oh Mai Gawd! I didn't know that you made a sequel of the boy with the eyeliner! _ Been enjoying the story so far! I'm intrigued to know who's the hooded figure :D Can't wait for the next update! w
3/26/2016 c3 arow2daknee
In response to reading chapter 3:
Wow he lemon was great, and the bit at the end with sora and kairi was just so heart warming and hilarious
12/3/2015 c4 Fat Taco
Oh my gosh! Yay! An update! I didn't hunk that this was a lame chapter AT ALL! It was really sweet with the sibling love! _ and oohh! Oh! What up with that creeper staring Namine!? I wonder who it is! I guess I'll find out soon! And my vote is to add Ari in! I love her! And I love destiny high! I hope
You updated that soon too! Keep writing! I can't wait 2 read Moar! :)
12/4/2015 c2 ayaka.xiii
hello! its the first time i am actually reviewing. haha!
your titles are quite intriguing and its actually a good thing your works didn't fail me! this is definitely worth the wait.
i am curious on how you'll make this interesting just like the first fic. i'm looking forward for future updates!
12/3/2015 c4 KHSonicFan29
I know what you were going for but the Hakuna Matata kind of killed it. Other than the whole thing was good. I wouldn't mind seeing Aqua with Vanitas just for a change of pace.
12/3/2015 c4 Chocolatelilac101
Okay! For ONE: The feels with Vanitas and Roxy!
THREE: WHAT UP WITH THAT FREAK IN THE BLACK HOOD!? IS IT NAMINES FATHER? OR THE ORGANIZATION XIII? (nah, nah, jk jk! That would be a completely different story lol!)
FOUR: cliffhangers Rock socks!
AND FINALLY SIX: Good luck on your finals and update soon, Sweetie! :)
11/26/2015 c3 Fat taco
*blush* very good chapter! Not gonna lie, I blushed and giggled a lot when I was reading the lemon! And my brother was like "why you laughing? Yo! I'm trying to sleep!"
And I'm all like "shut up! Trying 2
Read a story!" Hahaha! Hehehw! _ anyways, I fangirl so hard on the SoKai part! That was so kawaii! I love that couple so damn much and hope
For a little lemon on them! Anyways,
Update soon so I can read MOAR! I should
Probably go 2 bed now, and charge my brudda S laptop XD Noghtie night' hope
You had a good thanksgiving by the way! :)
11/26/2015 c2 Fat taco
Aww, I hope college gets better for
You! :"( if it makes
You feel better, I'm in the seventh grade (middle school) and it sucks...I'm sure college is q lot harder but at least you only have a few classes a day! ;) anyways great chapta! And oh damn, I hope
Nora is gonna be okay!
11/26/2015 c1 Fat taco
Hehehehe! I am so excited to read more about this couple! Very adorable and fluffy chapta! And I LOVE the little sibling humor with Kairi, Aqua, and Axel!
"Why is there a body on me!?"
Hahahqhq! Priceless! XD
11/21/2015 c3 13Getsuga TENSHOU 15
It's been a while since I've read a really good lemon that's as good as this, I think when you read so much of it there's nothing new. But you always write it in a certain way that makes it exciting to read, you've got a good talent! Please please please carry on with this story!
11/18/2015 c3 8Chocolatelilac101
WOW. This has to be my favorite chapter in the story so far! I absolutely LOVED everything about it! The friendship, the family moments, the romance, the fluff, and THAT LEMON! ;P I was in tears when roxas was like "I did it out of love!" And then Axel is like "yeah! I can feel the Sparks!" Hahahaha!

I also LOOVVVEEE how you're adding Sora and kairis pov's as well! That fluffy moment of Kairi tickling Sora to get him to say he loves her was just too cute for words! I absolutely can not WAIT for the next chapter! Please keep updating! Even if a bunch of people don't review! :) I wonder if Sora is too oblivious to know what sex is? XD I hope for a Sokai lemon in the future! That will be interesting! ;) wow! Anyways sorry for such a long review but this is just how much I loved this chapter! Update soon! Love ya lots! I'll be waiting for the next update! _
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