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for The Witch's Son

8/28/2016 c6 15MaskedPyro
It was so cheesy and cliche but I couldn't stop reading! 3:30 in the morning and I'm trying not to scream! I usually hate these kinds of stories... So why did I like it?!
8/24/2016 c6 6aquavenn
Awh cute. I liked this a lot, thanks for writing this!
8/24/2016 c5 aquavenn
Oh well that moment of fury I was screaming internally because poor art but never mind its all cool now
8/23/2016 c4 aquavenn
Finally got to finish reading this chapter Allen will be glad later can I wasn't expecting him to react that way
8/11/2016 c6 dlt-acct-pls
Fufu~ Twas too cute! Adorable ending!
8/2/2016 c6 Shadow Spears
Omg I was not ready for the feels! I loved it!
8/1/2016 c5 Guest
Im so sorry but..
8/1/2016 c6 4hisuiryuu
Sweet ending. So glad they admitted their love. Planning a sequel or epilogue? I'd love to read about their travels for their honeymoon.
8/1/2016 c6 10jy24
The story just got to the good part and it is complete? Oh come on, this is really a great fanfic. I really hope that you will consider to write a one-shot of their honeymoon in Kanda's homeland where Allen will meet all of Kanda's friends and looking around the village of wizards and witches. I really love this fanfic.
7/11/2016 c5 2FaerieDangerous
Please update! This is really good!
5/23/2016 c5 5Nella Moonblood Royalle
Globers I like tis! Hope u will update in d near future! Ganbatte nee!
5/13/2016 c5 Shadow Spears
Oh this keeps getting better and better!
5/12/2016 c5 10jy24
It is nice, both of them having to clear out their frustrations. Poor Allen, mistaken that Kanda doesn't want to be with him while Kanda blamed himself for running away when it was the perfect moment. I can't wait to read the next chapter on how they are going to clear up all the misunderstanding.
5/11/2016 c5 4hisuiryuu
Stupid Kanda, but his powers were pretty cool.
5/11/2016 c5 dlt-acct-pls
No! Kanda, you fool don't just walk away!
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