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7/1/2019 c1 RoxinaTheChimera
Can't Help but think of Dark Pit saying 'Fite meh!' With Pit suddenly standing behind him looking supportively, while saying 'Yes, Fight him. See what happens' along with an eye twich.

I really like fanfics when Pit is protective of Dark Pit in a platonic bond sesne sort of way. There's just this funniness to it. Sure it doesn't much here, but I do love the fluff. In this story I see Dark Pit feels like he's nothing compared to Pit, and feels like a burden to Pit as well, but can't see that Pit won't mind being dragged down. And With Pit he just wants to making all the hurting go away, and he doesn't seem to car about himself but Dark Pit cares what happens to Pit. Pit is trying to shield Dark Pit from the world, but won't arm himself to fight back. And Dark Pit is trying to protect Pit by hurting himself, and is too lost to understand.

I really like this one-short, a guilty part of me kinda wishing it was longer, but we readers of the story got to take what we can get.

Roxīna: “Lulu!”

Lulu: “She found me, so uh, see you around!”
12/21/2015 c1 Guest
So angsty and great. You're a great writer. I hope you continue, though I think this is the best way to end the one shot. Any other dark fics of Kid Icarus for me?
8/30/2015 c1 Guest
Man this was brilliant. Pity it was just a one shot though.
I want my heart tore in two! Even if you don't continue, I hope to see more kid Icarus uprising fics in the future
8/30/2015 c1 7DarkPitsNipples
mm nope didnt want my heart in one piece tonight anyways :'D

Aaaa this was so well written too! I love how you got into their heads and potrayed what they were thinking, and it all feels so real! haha this was a fun one to read! keep up the good work!

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